Good Fellowship, Having Fun Helping Others

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Social Clubs exist for the purpose of community good. They are essentially a group of members who get together to help and assist those in need. Their sole aim is to gather their resources and aid the less fortunate members of society. Such clubs do numerous voluntary works and have focused agendas through out the year. Through the medium of social gatherings they manage to accumulate people of all strata of society to help. Social clubs organize a number of events all around the year and amidst fun, frolic and entertainment raise money for donation.

Some clubs operate on a local level, some on national while some even transcend international borders to get together as much help as they can. Such clubs generally exists purely for the benefit of society and especially those people who can ill-afford the basic necessities of life. In most cases they donate 100% of all collections to the needy while all administrative expenditure is incurred by the members.

Members are also allowed to donate their time in case they cannot afford monetary charity. They then do voluntary work towards those who are less fortunate than them. Social clubs usually donate towards local causes. Some general causes include raising money for old age homes, for medical assistance and help towards orphans. Some clubs even donate money towards national disasters and international disasters.

Clubs usually have a fixed modus operandi. They organize fundraisers whereby they have an event planned to entertain. They then sell tickets to patrons and try to accumulate the largest possible gathering. The proceeds of the entire function are then sent to the aforementioned charitable cause. They also organize events like garden sales, bakery sales, garage sales or even sales where patrons can bid for items that are collectibles or valuable. Apart from these all local festivals are given due importance and events such as Christmas parties, Halloween parties and Easter parties are observed. On off seasons inter active events such as quizzes, trekking, painting competitions and other competitive sports are organized.

Some other methods of raising money for these clubs are by issuing periodical magazines or journals with entertaining content. They then try and sell as many numbers as they can to raise money. By the help of such events and projects these social clubs collect money or donation in other forms and go about assisting the needy members of society. They inadvertently raise a substantial amount of money every year and try to aid in as many causes as they can.

It is only when individuals who have the means to help others realize their social responsibilities do clubs like these get made and are successful. It takes an active participation from a large number of people who have the heart and will to support charitable causes. These people understand that there is a substantial section of society that benefits from and gets a better standard of life due to their largesse. Only if such members exist in society can such social clubs be made successful and helpful.

The site briefly outlines the history of Lions International of which Chester Lions Club is a constituent member. It describes the aims of the club the organizations that it supports, the fund raising activities it undertakes to raise money and the social activities it arranges for its members.

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