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Eating healthy should be a part of your lifestyle that you incorporate. Too many of us don't eat right and it shows in our appearance, how we sleep, how we feel, and even how much we weigh. Eating healthy doesn't mean you can't ever indulge in something you really like. Moderation is the key though so that you aren't consuming it all the time. If you grab junk food every time you are hungry then it isn't giving your body the vitamins and nutrients that it really needs to thrive.
Replace those sugary snacks with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can eat them at home and pack them to take to work with you. That way you always have them readily available. Plan your meals in advance so that you aren't tempted to just go out there and eat fast food for lunch. If that is your only option then try one of their salads rather than a burger with a side of fries.
As a parent, one of the best things you can do for the children is to provide them with nutritious meals. That way they will get all they need to grow up very strong and healthy. They will have a lower risk of various types of diseases and ailments that can affect their ongoing health and quality of life. They will also grow up to make wise choices when it comes to the foods they consume as well.
No matter how bad your current eating habits are right now though you can change them. It is going to take some time to get used to your new meals though. Take the time to find great recipes that you want to try. That way you won't get bored with the foods you prepare for your family. Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy doesn't mean you have to eat foods that are bland or downright disgusting.
Make sure you read the labels on packaged foods as well. Some of them advertise things such as low fat but are they really good for you? They may not be depending on what all else they contain. If you aren't familiar with the wording on the packages then take the time to look them up. You owe it to yourself and your children to know what is in the foods all of you consume.
When it comes to eating healthy, you need to evaluate what you drink as well. There are plenty of great tasting drinks out there that contain tons of sugar and caffeine. They include coffee, tea, soda, and frozen drinks. You need to make sure you consume plenty of water each day. You may be consuming too many calories based upon your drinks alone.
Make it a goal to replace some of your other drinks each day with plain water. If you don't like the way it tastes add a lemon wedge to it. You can also buy bottled water if what comes out of your home faucet doesn't taste great to you. Making great choices when it comes to the foods you eat and what you drink is very important. It will help you to look and feel your very best now and into your future.

Cause of obesity
What may be the exact cause of obesity is still up for debate in the scientific community, although two of the main causes linked with obesity have been established - the lack of physical activity and eating too much (especially eating too many fast food items).
Recently, though, a group from the University of Alabama came up with additional causes linked with obesity as suggestions. They argue that too much emphasis has been given on the lack of physical activity and too much food consumption as cause of obesity, leading us to ignore other causes. They claim that while the additional causes are not the only ‘actual' factors that cause obesity, they are just as harmful as lack of physical activity and eating too much. Therefore, the causes they have listed also deserve as much attention.

Additional causes of obesity
Sleep deprivation - Not getting enough sleep increases body weight. Lack of energy is one reason why a lot of people don't engage in physical activity.
Pollution - Hormones in the body are the primary controllers of body weight. The more pollutants there are in the environment, the more your body is thrown out of whack, affecting proper control over weight.
Air conditioning - Just to keep itself comfortable, the body burns off calories whenever the temperature around it is either too cold or too hot. More and more people are living and working in temperature-controlled environments.
Decreased smoking - It's not really clear whether the group of researchers from the University of Alabama support smoking or not. What they do point out is that smoking helps in reducing weight.
Medicine - A lot of different substances can cause the body to pile on the pounds such as contraceptives, antidepressants, and steroid hormones. The more people use these substances, the more instances of unnecessary weight gain there is.
Population ethnicity, age - Hispanic-Americans and middle-aged people are found to be more obese than their young European-American counterparts. This points out race may be factored in as a cause of obesity.
Older mothers - Some evidence exist that the older a woman is at the time of giving birth, the higher the chances are of her child being at risk for obesity. Since more and more women are giving birth older today, the rise in cases of obesity in children today point to age as a cause of obesity.
Obesity-fertility link - Obese people are seen to be more fertile compared to lean people. The more people are borne of obese parents, the higher the chance of the child becoming obese based from obesity's genetic component.
What can you do?
Since the exact cause of obesity hasn't been determined, it is hard to present a specific and direct way of fighting the condition. For now, living healthy is your best defense against obesity. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Engage in more physical activity. Don't eat too much fast food. Every little thing you do towards improving your health can help you avoid obesity.

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