Going Totally Green on Your Energy Supply

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These days, between rising oils costs and concerns about Global Warming, the so-called green energy sources are gaining in popularity. Many people want to reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and also reduce their carbon footprint. Depending on what your power needs are, and where you live, you may have several green energy sources to draw on.

One of the most common green energy sources to be mentioned and used is solar power. Direct conversion of sunlight into electricity means zero emissions and abundant power - so long as the sun shines, which can be an issue. One answer to this is putting huge solar arrays in orbit and then transmitting the power to earth. Of course, that's a large-scale application. If you want solar power for your home, you can have someone install a system or go to the DIY route. In the case of the latter, this can greatly reduce your initial costs.

In the case of vehicles, you can switch to an electric car, but those are expensive, and they have limited range. There are always hybrids, but they still require some fuel. This is where fuels like bio-diesel come into play. These days, there are facilities for taking all manners of organic material - one often mentioned is the sludge from restaurant grease pits - and turning them into a viable fuel.

Depending on the area, some people are tapping the earth for energy via tidal power and/or geothermal. There is also winding power, which can be converted into electricity; as well as hydroelectric. The Hoover Dam generates enough electricity for several cities, and all from the power of the Colorado River.

Whether you put a solar panel array on your roof or a wind turbine in your backyard, it also boosts the value of your home.

By combining all of these energy sources, and implementing them on both an individual and community (even national) level, we can greatly reduce our need to fossil fuels. Not only will this save money and the environment, but can also strike at the heart of global terrorism. After all, some of the dollars that go to the Middle East end up funding terrorist organizations. By reducing our dependence on that source of energy, we cut off the money needed for terrorist attacks.

Green energy sources can help our planet and our society in so many ways; so we should make use of them to their fullest extent possible.


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