Going Social the Personal Way!

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What could be better than taking up a social issue and matching its hues with the ones that touch everybody’s life? She embarks upon a journey that starts from her childhood memories and spreads its wings out to a wider world that is still overcast with unfortunate shadows of social injustice and domestic violence.

Wanda Mckiver has taken up the task of (if not reforming) educating the communities at large and the entire world in general about the malice that social issues of child molestation and domestic violence might spread. The journey begun in 2005 with her first book that stormed the world; the book though talks of simple things, yet it touched each and every reader. What is noteworthy about her style of writing is that the episodes of the novel be it The Black Rose Diaries or Beautiful, seem so real and close to life that the readers can relate with them easily.

This brings up the point that was sought to be proved; Ms Mckiver has chosen to go at it the personal way. Her love for people is the driving force behind this idea and as she says, that is the best way to touch lives and reform them. Life is too short to commit to the mistakes and wait again and again for that “Today”. Thus she incites her readers to follow her works and muster all the strength that is required to live a happy and respectful life. Her writings are lucid to The Meltdown the extent that readers would not like to be disturbed while they have their heads deep into any of the novels.

Her prayers paid off well when she sold out eighty percent of her performances in Manhattan’s Eagle’s Dare Theater. This was the stage production of The Meltdown, a powerfully written prose-poetry piece that provides words to all kinds of feelings. The motive behind such pieces is far greater than just to woo the audiences and provide them with a source of recreation. She seeks to pass the message loud and clear that there is only one life, and it is important to give words to all emotions.

She is also vexed by the shunned voices of her ladies who have been toiling hard to survive their relations amidst violence and abuses. Her life moved like a pendulum swinging to and fro when she was preparing to stage at the Times Square in New York, a week prior to that her grandmother passed away and her grand daughter was lying sick in the hospital. It required a lot of courage and this unique girl from New Jersey succeeded in smiling while tears rolled down her lips. That is what she wants her fans and readers across the world to do, to fight until last breath and to speak up before it’s too late.

Wanda Mckiver has herself survived a disturbed childhood and she thus wishes to see her fellow women and men too handle similar issues in a better way. Her writings carry strong social message yet have the personal flavor.Visit www.wandamckiver.com

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