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When you are looking at improving the television service you currently have, there are many things that you can do. With the digital switchover nearing its completion most people have now gone digital, but often just buying a new set-top box or TV with digital built in isn’t enough to get the very best TV possible. Often old TV aerials and poor signal conspire to offer poor picture quality and a limited number of channels.

Opting for digital TV aerials is always a good place to start. Digital TV aerials will offer a much better service, being designed specifically to receive the best signal for your set-top box and helping ensure you get as many channels as possible. However, even if current TV aerials receive good reception, there are still plenty of things that can improve your current viewing experience.

Going HD will mean that you get a much higher resolution, sharper contrast and you will no longer find that you get ghost images, fuzz or ‘snow.’ On top of this, by going HD you can look into such great things as Freesat HD which brings with it a whole host of other benefits.

Like Freeview, Freesat is a free to air service, but unlike Freeview it is available to nearly everyone. Since it uses satellites rather than ground transmissions, a huge percentage of the population can not only receive it, but receive it extremely clearly and in glorious HD. Not only that, but Freesat offers a huge amount of channels as compared with Freeview.

Combining an HD TV with Freesat HD will give you possibly the finest possible potential for watching TV that you can get, and all without you having to pay any monthly subscriptions. So if you’re tired of watching second-rate TV, then Freesat HD really is the very best place to start.
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