Going Green Equals Sustainability

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Hey there. My name is Andre. Today Iíd like to share with you a little bit about going green. First of all, we need to know what going green is. We also need to figure out what going green isnít.
So, what is going green? Going green is solely based on the theoretical foundation of preserving the Earth, and to fine tune health to an ultimate level in every species on the planet. This theory, better yet, now fact, was thought of long ago from harnessing solar power energy. This unique solar project, as I like to call it, is basically all about sustainability.
Now, letís talk about what the opposite of going green is. Well, it is exactly how weíre living right now. It is consuming pollution that we allow to be produced by big companies all for a substantial profit. Not for us, for them. At the end of the day, whether itís for us or for them, we know better enough that we shouldnít disrupt the planets natural resources if we do not have to. And technically, we have enough knowledge to not have to use these planet balancing resources. These are just some of the things of what going green isnít. These things also include all types of toxins breathed in and out by every human being on the face of the Earth on a daily basis. What the problem is about this is that, we donít even realize that we are immediately cutting our life spans in half as soon as we manifest into beings from our mothers womb. Actually before youíre even born, you are polluted internally, because after all, mommy does have to breathe, right?

Now that we have a basic overstanding of what going green is and what it is not, I gather that itís not hard to realize what the benefits of going green is. Here, I will discuss the benefits of going green. Letís take a look. For one, how does no outrageous monthly electric bills anymore, forever sound? Great, huh? I bet. How about breathing fresh air for once in our lives. We probably donít even know what fresh air feels and/or smells like. ProbablyÖ or probably not. Probably not. You ever think about gas prices this day and age? How about canceling that for good. Sounds good? Of coarse it does. How couldnít it? Also sustainability, which is the capacity to endure and to maintain a productive economy, to me, is by far one of the greatest benefits of going green. This could all easily happen if we as a people start to use green products as a whole. This could complete that shift in the era as we know it, almost instantly. After all, without our labor, nothing moves.

Let me ask you a question! Have you ever heard of a guy named Nikola Tesla? Well, whether ya have or ya havenít, Iíd like to tell you a little more about him. Nikola was a mechanical and electrical engineer born in the 1850ís. He actually figured out a way to harness solar power energy. Now this fella figured this stuff out in the 1890ís. In other words, this information has been around for 120+ years. So you figure, why the hell arenít we using this stuff to our advantage? Iíll tell you why. Believe it or not, itís actually because if this powerful, priceless knowledge was released to the public, distributors would see a big drop in their pockets. Sustainability is the key....
There are many go green things you can do right now, such as learning how solar panels work and build your own homemade solar panel to power your entire home. You can even make your own generator, and these are just some things to do to dismiss your electric bill. The funny thing about it is that you can sell your extra power back to your power company every month. Yeah, theyíll pay you every month. Crazy, huh?
To learn more about this exciting adventure to sustainability and prosperity, click on my blog now at http://breathoffreshness.blogspot.com/.
May you all have a blessed life.

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