Going for VoIP? Ensure you’ve got failover for your business phone systems

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VoIP is an amazingly easy to use piece of technology that allows people to work within the boundaries of their internet service provider to use the internet to place and receive calls. It can be designed to work with almost any business phone systems. Almost like a virtual telephone exchange, suddenly your laptop and internet connection is a valuable phone service. But it does have many drawbacks, the worst of which being it can’t always be relied upon on, and will go offline if your internet does.

VoIP basics

VoIP is designed to work with the internet connection already in situ in your office – VoIP is simply another way of placing calls, just by using the internet. You can use it wherever you have an internet connection – you can use it with Skype, or other online chat systems to make and receive calls. As it’s based on the internet, as long as you’ve got a connection, your ‘phone’ will work. In larger offices using VoIP, the whole network of phones is connected to the internet via a switchboard of sorts. But, what happens if your internet goes offline?

VoIP offline

If your VoIP goes offline, you’ll find it very difficult to make calls, unless you have a failover solution attached to your business phone systems. These are often hard wired ‘land lines’ that let you work with your needs and ensure that your business isn’t cut off even if your phone goes offline. This might be an additional expense that your business has to bear, or something that can be activated when required, much like cloud services on the internet, but however you choose to operate it, you have to be sure it can be accessed when needed, otherwise your business will suffer. VoIP however does have some advantages, such as being accessible from many places, forwardable to different phones (in some cases) and more – it really depends on your provider and how your phone systems are configured locally. Your installer can probably talk you through what you need to look out for and how to set it all up, if you ask. It’s imperative that you ensure whatever solution you choose, it works with everything that you’re looking at needing it to do.

Business phone systems can be tailored to meet almost any need. If you’re interested in finding out more, your local suppliers should be able to help you choose the best system.

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