Go Greener when Buying Blu-ray Players

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Earth Day is just around the corner, April 22. It is nice to have a special day to focus our attention on how we can improve our behavior and make the world a little greener. One way we can accomplished this without interfering with our day to day routines, is to make smart, green choices when purchasing products. In this case, Blu-ray Players. Of course we do not want to sacrifice quality either. We want products that are energy efficient that also performs at a high level of quality.

When choosing a Blu-ray Player you may want to start by looking for a blue Energy Star logo. This would mean the player is Energy Star qualified. Being ENERGY STAR qualified means the players have met strict energy-efficiency guidelines which have been set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These players will not only save you money but help the environment by stopping greenhouse gases linked with global warming. It is a very easy way to reduce costs for your home electronics. Products that have met Energy Star guidelines provide a 10% - 50% decrease in energy compared with standard models. This is all accomplished without limiting the product's quality or performance.

Blu-ray manufacturers are making the effort to come out with new models geared to save energy. For example, Samsung's new Blu-ray Players for 2010, the BD-C6900, BD-C6500 and the BD-C5500, all meet with Energy Star 4.0 Guidelines. While all meet the guidelines, Samsung has taken the BD-C5500 player a step further and provided it with low power consumption - 13 watts during playback; .1 watts in standby. Making it extra environmental friendly and should save you even more money.

Another manufacturer, Panasonic, has introduced Blu-ray Players this year that have a feature called VIERA Link Eco Function. It is a energy saving function. The Blu-ray DVD Player turns itself on or off depending on the status of your TV. The new models DMP-BD85K and DMP-BD65K have this function, which again will save energy and money.

Other manufacturers such as Sony, LG and Toshiba have produced Blu-ray Players that are Energy Star Qualified. Just look for the Blue Energy Star logo next to the Blu-ray Player. The environment and your wallet will thank you.

Here Are Some Blu-ray Players That Are Energy Star Qualified:
Samsung BD-C6900, Samsung BD-C6500, Samsung BD-C5500, LG BD590, LG BD550, Sharp BD-HP16U, Sony BDP-S470, Sony BDP-S570, Sony BDP-S1000ES, Sony BDP-CX960, Sony BDPN460, Toshiba BDX2000

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