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We must try to go green at our homes. This is because at our homes we get complete liberty to do whatever we want to. Sitting in our homes, we can destroy or develop the environment. Here are some tips which can prove to be helpful in going green at home:-

1. One can install a thermostat which can be programmed and thus can help in saving a lot of energy every year.
2. Heating our homes at 68 degrees and cool them at 72 degrees later on. But at night time reduce both of them. This step would help in saving almost 6% energy for every 2 degree reduction.
3. When upgrading appliances and electronics, one must look at the certification of energy star. More stars the appliance and electronic item has more energy would it help to save.
4. It is even known that CRT's are less efficient in saving energy as compared to flat screen monitors or laptops.
5. Cracks in one's house should be properly sealed with the help of caulk and expanding foam. Such cracks can be seen at pipers and wires which come through doors, windows, etc.

6. Weather-strip should be used for doors and windows.
7. Water heater should be wrapped up with an insulation blanket.
8. Moreover, water heaters should even be upgraded. Either a tank less model should be chosen or a solar water heater. If one is not in the favour of choosing any of the above option, it is simple. One should look at the energy star option which can at least be helpful in saving some more energy.
9. Hot water pipes should even be wrapped up with pre-fitted insulating tubes which should even be pre-foamed.
10. Refrigerator coils should be vacuumed which can help in improving efficiency.
11. One's freezer should be kept full for best optimum power usage.
12. Microwave tends to use a lot of energy, so its usage should be keep to a really minimum level. It is suggested that stoves and ovens should be brought into use more often.
13. A small 5 minutes shower can even clean one's body completely. Therefore save water and bath smartly.
14. While washing dishes or shaving or even while brushing, the free flow of taps should be prevented.

15. Dishwashers should be brought into use and the cleaning of dishes by hand should be kept to the basics only. This step actually saves a lot of water.
16. On one's faucets, aerators should be installed which even can save water.
17. Traditional toilets should be replaced by new models which are low-flow ones.
18. In our homes, energy audit should be performed.
19. When given an option one should opt for reusable bags instead of using paper or plastic.
20. One must recycling their computer equipments and electronics.
21. Clothes requiring dry cleaning should be used only when it is very necessary.
22. Green cleaning methods should be used. Many cleaning green alternatives should be used which help in cleaning almost every household item.

Tips outside home

Even outside our homes we can enjoy the green life. This is even important because if we save energy and the same energy is being wasted by someone else, it turns out to be not at all beneficial for nature. If we can, we should save energy, water, etc in every possible way. While roaming around we can save energy, while shopping we can save energy and even while sightseeing we can save energy. There are many ways which be suggested to go green outside our homes. Some of them are listed below:-

1. Using timer service for outdoor lights can even be beneficial.
2. One must insulate their basement and attic. This can help in reducing energy casts by almost 20%.
3. In one's surroundings, trees should be planted which not only provide shade but even buffer homes from the winds.
4. Traditional exit sign boards should be replaced with LED signs.
5. One should suggest their locality's electric utility to purchase more of green power. This option is being used by many people nowadays.
6. Banks nowadays are addressing the global warming factor which should be encouraged by using the services of such banks.
7. One can even invest in green as many such stocks and mutual funds have come into play as recently.
8. Hazardous materials like batteries, CFLs, etc should be disposed off safely.
9. Events such as recycling days, etc should be taken part in.
10. Used items should be donated instead of just thrashing them up in the bins. Such used clothes can even be used as rags by many people.
11. While out of the house, try buying a reusable water bottle. One should avoid bottles with BPA or phthalates as they tend to be unsafe.
12. While shopping, one should try to buy green products. Even when buying cosmetics green cosmetics should be bought.
13. Every possible item should be recycled. May it be cardboard, paper, plastic, metal, glass or any such item which can be recycled.
14. One must give natural care to their lawns.
15. Native plant species should be planted. This would be best suited for our climate and would require less chemicals and water. Even shrubberies and other groundcover should be planted.
16. For trips less than a mile, one should opt for walking or jogging the way rather than riding the bike or driving the car down to the destination.
17. One must give preference to public transportation. If not possible or not very convenient, still one must combine their car trips such as to include many smaller trips.
18. One must never keep their car idle and while waiting at a signal, one must shut off their engines.
19. Even while taking the aerial route, combine trips i.e. direct flights should be preferred.
20. When available purchase organic cotton products. Cotton is one of the most pollution-producing crops in the U.S.

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