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Mother earth has given us so much and continues to do so. It is time to express gratitude for her benevolence. We can do this simply by vowing not to exploit our natural resources. We can strive to keep our surroundings clean, and reduce pollution and damage to nature. We can serve the nature in many ways. Reusing and recycling are two great ways in which we can serve the nature. Conserving natural resources would mean that we could prevent the colossal damage of global warming. Preventive measures are an individual's social responsibility. Although, corporate social responsibility is being practiced by many corporate entities, this awareness is lacking among individuals. Many people are oblivious of the effects of global warming. Misuse and over use of natural resources continue to pose a serious threat. The gravitas of this issue needs to be explained to an ordinary person. Educating the masses about global warming and its dangerous effects can serve the purpose of controlling further damage.

A simple step taken today in this direction will certainly make a difference tomorrow. In this article, we shall discuss the benefits of re-using. Rather, to be more precise, we shall talk about re-using textbooks. Books are made of paper and paper comes from trees. The felling of trees is proportional to the amount of paper we consume. If a high number of trees are cut down for manufacturing paper, it will damage the environment. Trees are man's best friend. They consume carbon-dioxide and convert it into oxygen, which is released in the air. If trees are cut for the purpose of manufacturing paper and related products, they should be replaced with new plantation. However, this does not happen and the result is that we have less number of trees. Sometimes, trees are felled for the purpose of urbanization, which leads to deforestation and affects wild life too.

A small initiative taken by an individual will help in saving the environment largely. It is a collective effort and each of us has to do our bit. Re-using textbooks helps in saving paper and subsequently trees. Education is about enhancing your knowledge and used books too will have the same content or information.

How Much You Can Save

Although you cannot calculate how many trees you have saved, you can certainly check how much money you have saved by reusing. As you progress each grade, the cost of textbooks can go high. College books can be very expensive, as high as hundreds of dollars. However, used textbooks can cost you half the money. You can save almost 50% or sometimes more. In addition, you also contribute to the cause of global warming. Indeed, it is a unique step in saving both, money and natural resources. Some publishers will also offer e-books at a reasonable membership fee. You can save up to 80% by reusing books. Whether you buy a physical copy or an e-copy, there are several benefits. Here are some of the benefits of buying e-textbooks.

Benefits of E-Book

Easy search - Online e-books offer the convenience of searching for content under different categories. The search criteria can be narrowed by selecting the category and keywords. This option serves as a boon since you do not have to flip pages while looking for information. Simply type the desired information in the search box and you can instantly read the contents.

Email - You can also subscribe to email alerts and download the content of online textbooks to your personal computer. When the data is readily available on the system, you will not require internet connectivity to fetch information. The downloaded data can be used for future reference. Moreover, if there are any updates, the same can be downloaded from time to time.

Cost cutting - This is one of the most obvious advantages of reusing books. It can help you save a lot of money without compromising on knowledge enhancement.
A small initiative taken by an individual will help in saving the environment largely. Re-using textbooks helps in saving paper and subsequently trees.

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