Global Warming Perspective On Alternative Energy

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Should we use alternative energy sources because of concerns about global warming or perhaps because it is morally responsible, or from an economic stance.

Global warming has been one of the hot topics discussed in the last couple of years. There is great debate on this issue. Each side quotes statistics from differing sources to prove their point.

Hidden Agenda Theory

But what is the real issue? Is it to drive a push toward alternative energy sources or is the issue being used to enrich the pockets of a few positioned to profit from screaming global warming.

Greenhouse Gases

Let's look at greenhouse gases which is the leading argument of global warming proponents.

Greenhouse gases can be produced both by natural and industrial processes. The most abundant greenhouse gases on earth's atmosphere are water vapors, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and CFCs.

The greatest producer is nature itself. Yes, humans produce greenhouse gases from converting fossil fuels into energy. But relative to the size of the earth and in proportion to greenhouse gases generated from the earth itself, how much does mankind really contribute to the problem.

The Real Culprit

Scientists dispute the greenhouse gas produced by man as a contributing factor that is significant enough to make a difference; relative to naturally occurring events.

Meteorologists agree with scientists that the second most influential factor in global warming (behind naturally occurring geological events) is the sun.

The number and intensity of sun flares is directly correlated to the cycles of earth's warming and cooling cycles.

A quick peak at history gives us a clearer picture of this belief. Centuries ago the arctic circle sea used to be navigated by ships. Very old ships found frozen in the area are proof. The number of humans then was minuscule compared to today and the factors of today that are attributed to global warming did not exist.

We had an ice age and glaciers covered most of the northern hemisphere then it warmed and humans thrived then the earth cooled again and the arctic sea froze over. Then the earth warmed again when solar flares increased.

In the mid and late 70's we again had record cold winters. Then it warmed up again. At the turn of the 22nd century the hype and campaign on global warming began. Now in 2009 we are having record cold summers because solar flare activity decreased.

Alternative Fuel Decision

Alternative fuels have been called "green energy".

Green energy is another term used to describe sources of energy that are considered to be environmentally friendly, which is also similar to the renewable sources of energy.

Whether you believe in global warming or not the use of alternative fuels will come down to only 2 reasons:

1. The governments force the use through taxes, laws and penalties.

2. The free market uses the #1 decision driver for 90% of the world's people; cost.

Everyone likes to think they are morally superior than being driven to making decisions based primarily on money. But, deny all you want; we are.

Once alternative fuels become affordable to be economically viable as a reasonable choice they will begin to be utilized. Unless, of course a government official thinks they know better than you or the nature of human behavior.

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