Global Warming and Its After Effects!

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- Glaciers are melting down
- Heat waves are increasing
- Extinction of certain species
- Resulted in deluge and drought
- Given rise to weird diseases
- Summer has become longer than winter

Extreme changes in climatic condition are due to the global warming. Now, what is this? There has been a high level of burning of fossil fuels which has increased the temperature causing the ice bodies to melt. Deforestation is also a contributing factor to the increased level of temperature. There are hardly any trees found in the cities and you see a lot of vehicle fumes in the environment. What will this result in is the heating up of the globe known as global warming.

Bad weather changes have brought about drought and dry condition in some places. It has given rise to new fatal diseases for which the cure is not yet discovered. Glaciers are melting down due to the heat and has extincted some of the species. What you see now is the early sign of this warming up and will soon increase. The need of the hour is to minimise the carbon di oxide emissions. There is lot of fuel burnt for construction sites too which is increasing the global temperature. Let us find a feasible solution to this so that your young ones need not live in drudgery.

Firstly, understand the early signs of warming and then tackle it one by one! Young leaders have to come in forefront and play a vital role here. Work out all that each individual can do in order to minimise the high temperature and its after effects.

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