Glee Season 2 Expectations

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It is no surprise that FOX's hit series Glee is going to be back for a second season beginning in the fall of 2010. It probably did not take a whole lot of convincing because the beginning of the first season was a huge success and drew in a variety of viewers for the network. Advertisers may not be too astounded by the viewers but the demographic that are tied to viewers of the show is key. The commitment that FOX has made may come as a shock to some because the first season has not yet completed and already another season has been lined up.

The most craved demographic is the one that Glee brings in, people from 18 to 49 years old, have been roughly 3 million for the majority of the season and breaking that number with 3.7 million during the last produced episode titled sectionals. The last two episodes in particular drew in over 8 million viewers total making it sit very high on the ranking totem pole for the network. 8 million is not a number that will cause a top 10 show for the Nielson rankings but what the 8 million does show is that the fans the show has are very loyal and will continue to tune in, even if this does not secure a top spot for its time slot. This helped the decision to keep Glee on for yet another season in hopes of becoming even more successful than it already is.

Ratings alone cannot determine whether or not a show should be continued for yet another season when it comes up for consideration. Glee brings in profit and fame elsewhere by selling CDs and downloads over the internet through venues such as iTunes for the music and performances in the show itself. The upcoming concert series will be yet another selling point for the huge success levels that the show has and will continue to gain. The word of mouth that is spread by how talented and amazing the performers of Glee are will also help the show gain popularity as viewers tune in to see what exactly all the hype is about.

Awards nominations are something the show is no stranger to either. Glee has been nominated for four individuals categories for the 2010 Golden Globe nominations including the categories of best actress, best comedy, and best actor as well. For a show that it just starting out, it may be a stepping stone for the huge amounts of success that are possible with it. This is especially true if the show manages to win some of the awards that it has been nominated for.

Glee's future is looking quite bright right now with the first season continuing on April 13th on FOX to tie up the loose ends that have been left. The second season promises to be just as good, if not better, than the first was and will also gain more popularity as time goes on and the show's popularity is allowed to fly.

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