Glee First Season DVD Reviews - A Snapshot

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Glee, the hit new TV show that first aired in 2009 on FOX, is a musical dramedy that takes us into the lives of a high school's re-invigorated Glee club. The club (who goes by the name The New Directions) is competiting in the local choir circuit and all the while its members are struggling with cultural, romance, and sex issues.

The second season has already started airing on FOX and the Glee DVD and Blu-ray for the 1st season hit the shelves this fall. With that, I figured I would do a review round-up on the first season and give you a feel for what you will be getting with the Glee Season 1 DVD.

What They Like:

"Glee has created a completely new genre of television." - This is undoubtedly one of the facets of Glee that really differentiates it from traditional television. The concept of creating a musical dramedy TV series is just extremely unique and the way the producers mix and match pop music along with old school hits really makes the series stand out.

"She is so deliciously mean that you want to cheer her cuelty on!" - Sue is obviously a fan favorite and she provides a big part of the laughter that makes Glee a really fun series to follow. Her character's lines are beautifully written and often devilishly cut into the other adult star, Mr. Schuester.

"I've watched the entire season FIVE times in a row. I LOVE it." - Once again, the musical quality of the show makes it astonishingly watchable. It is almost comparable to watching a television show that is full of your favorite music videos - you enjoy the music videos so much that you simply can not stop watching the entire show.

What They Hate:

"Don't be mis-led by the many 1 star reviews... most are simply ill-founded opinions about feeling forced into buying the first half of Glee Season 1." - It appears that a lot of reviewers online are upset because the first half of season 1 was released and now a Glee DVD for the complete 1st season has been released. This confuses me a bit though as a Glee DVD for the second half of season 1 was also released, allowing people who purchased the 1st half of the first season to complete their set. That being said, volume 2 of Glee season 1 is in some places more costly than the complete first season... so that may be annoying some purchasers.

I hope the Glee Season 1 DVD review overview was helpful. Enjoy your gleekdom!

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