Glass Cabinet Knobs – The Cream of the Crop

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Many years ago, knobs didn’t play that much of an important role when it came to renovating the cabinets; most of them were wooden or metallic, plain, simple and sturdy. However, with the way things are going today, the focus has shifted from practicality onto aesthetics; cabinetry knobs today are made out of various excellent materials and eye-catching designs. For instance, cabinetry knobs today are available in many more exquisite materials, such as marble, chrome, cherry hardwood, or, for a more modern take on things, glass or crystal.
Out of the many materials out there, glass knobs happen to be considered the new wave of doorknob style, and have therefore been diligently worked on to be designed to perfection so as to accommodate to everyone’s needs. First of all, many people believe that glass knobs are fragile and can easily break. However, for most cases this simply isn’t true, seeing as how most such knobs and handles are designed out of a thicker version of glass, making it not only very sturdy, but also resilient to the wear and tear it will take through the years.

Glass handles also happen to fit in well with pretty much any kind of setting and are available in an innumerable amount of designs, making it the most versatile choice possible. Since glass is notoriously simple to shape into pretty much anything physics allow, you can even go as far as ordering personally customized doorknobs, molded into the shape of your desire.
The only drawback to using such a majestic and universal material is, of course, the price. While it does cost more money on average than it would for most other materials out there, it’s usually not that big of a sum to make you turn your back on the many advantages it offers and forget them.

Melissa Roy is president of Comdesi Media. Read decorative hardware products reviews at Kitchen cabinet hardware and hickory Cabinet Hardware.

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