Girls and Boys - the Difference in Taste

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No, we’re not referring to taste in the literal sense of the word. The kind of games that each gender enjoys or avoids is what we’re supposed to discuss here. So, is the taste in games different? If so, why? Why are the games listed in separate sections for both the genders? The answer is simple enough. Yes, the genres that each of the two prefer vary considerably within one gender, but are common at one point: they’re radically different from the other gender’s liking. Reason? Girls can hardly be found interested in action and adventure.

They have their own world that comprises of fashion, cooking, design and art as recreation. When this world is recreated in online games, only then they will be attracted to such games. Boys on the other hand, are rather exuberant (and sometimes wild) and therefore prefer games that have thrill and adventure packed in them. As there can hardly be a game that can follow a storyline that combines the two factors, it remains a fact that games for the two genders tend to be diametrically different from each other. Oh and needless to say, each of them determinedly hates what the other gender loves, and this unspoken reality has been around ever since the advent of such games.

Coming back to the point, this is the reason that the games are divided by interests, or even by genders, in almost all online gaming portals currently available, making it easier for each gender to take their pick easily and without much confusion. It’s a marketing strategy that’s been working out pretty well for these portals, and we know this for a fact because we happened to talk to representatives from a couple of such portals before writing this article. Who doesn’t like orderly arrangement after all?

To tell you the truth however, there are exceptions in both genders. There are quite a few girls who’d love playing all the games that the boys love playing, and vice versa. So if you’re also a person who sometimes “switches gender” (so to speak) don’t be embarrassed, the division on the website is just to create order in it; it certainly doesn’t forbid you to play games listed under the opposite gender’s lists. I mean, who can stop a boy from liking cooking and willing to go through the girls’ games to get to a cooking game just for a change? And who can blame a girl who’s wishing for some action gaming to take a break from designing the little figure’s new dress? Not us.

The good news is that there are literally thousands of popular online gaming portals that in turn offer millions of online games to the user, be it a girl or a boy. One of the most popular online portals for boys is and in case you’re a young girl reading this article, is the perfect online gaming portal for you.

These sites have ever-evolving databases that keep adding newer titles to their portfolio and you must keep yourself updated by visiting the sites regularly. They claim they’re going to introduce some unique titles on their websites so make sure you keep a look out for that!

Are you a fan of actions games? Then you might want to try Power Rangers games and if your kids are Scooby Doo fans, you can also allow them to play Scooby Doo games.

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