Gingival Grafting Upgrades Your Grin

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Almost everyone searches for ways to improve their smile. Using such techniques as bleaching agents, invisible aligners and veneers, people successfully sculpt their perfect smile. The aesthetics of an individual smile is usually the first physical attribute others notice. With all the different options to boost your grin nowadays, how does one choose the correct method? Well, if you’re diagnosed with gingival recession, or gum recession, the choice may be simple. To discuss the most effective procedure for you, contact Dr. Mike Williamson at his Austin office. His periodontal expertise will steer you in the right direction.

Typically, your dentist suggests a gingival grafting procedure if your oral cavity suffers from gingival recession. This condition rears its gummy head when the protective tissue around your teeth is gradually lost and pulls away, exposing the roots of those specific teeth. The sooner this condition is diagnosed and addressed, the better. Your overall oral health benefits from an early prognosis, and periodontists specialize in the detection and correction of this common circumstance.

Although this gingival situation may seem complicated, the actual causes – toothbrush abrasion and periodontal (gum) disease – are quite basic and highly avoidable. However, if the onset of gum recession is in an advanced stage, preventive dentistry often loses its potency; instead, several grafting options exist for periodontists to conquer your unique situation.

To show off a reconstructed smile to your fellow Austinites, you may find use in connective tissue grafting. This procedure reestablishes the supporting tissue surrounding your tooth and helps to repair the exposed root structure. In addition to enhancing the natural appearance of your tooth, which we all hope for in relation to periodontal measures, this practice stabilizes the tooth’s health, abolishes any sensitivity caused by the exposed root and protects the root from future decay or bone loss.

Furthermore, free gingival grafting represents a second option. Since this grafting choice effectively reinforces and stabilizes compromised gum tissue around teeth, it’s often renowned by periodontists and patients alike. However, it’s not as proficient at covering the exposed root structure as connective tissue grafting. Although this process successfully eliminates frenum attachments – unwanted tissue masses – its inability to shelter the root is an important flaw to consider. Consult your area periodontist to decide which grafting procedure best serves your unique dental situation.

If an adequate band of healthy pink tissue surrounds the tainted tooth, a coronally positioned graft may rejuvenate your tooth’s appearance and protect the specific root from further damage. When repositioned, the useful tissue covers the exposed root structure and encourages a healthy oral system. Unfortunately, not everyone who suffers from gingival recession has an abundance of wholesome gum tissue to offer.

Located in Austin, Dr. Williamson and his team specialize in the detection and treatment of gum recession. Call their Austin periodontal office today to discuss your gingival grafting options with his friendly, experienced staff. You will hear your mouth thank you.

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