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The quality of giclee prints is on display in many of the renowned museums of today. If you want quality photo canvas printing choosing a printer than can supply you with giclee prints can guarantee you with quality. The process of creating photo on canvas works with giclee quality requires special equipment and materials. Canvas Dezign has been creating photo on canvas works in for eight years.

To create Giclee prints you begin by capturing a high-resolution image. To do this you need adequate equipment or an existing digital image. If you have an original work you want to make a custom print from but don't have the equipment to capture a high-resolution image of the work Canvas Dezign can do it for you. The higher the resolution the higher the level of quality is. This beginning image is what will be used when printing the image or photo on canvas. A photo canvas print can be made after a digital image is created.

Depending on the digital image that is captured you may want to perform some tailoring or cleaning of the image to ensure that the image you print from is of the quality that you want. Photo canvas prints can be custom sized and that should be considered in the design and final revisions of the image. Tailoring the image to the size and design of your frame and to your preference of bleed (this is when the print wraps around the sides of the frame) or no bleed. These will determine how your piece looks with the photo on canvas and the canvas on the frame.

After you have arrived at a design that is pleases you and it is finalized, giclee prints are printed on canvas with special archive quality ink on quality canvas to create a lasting, quality work. Canvas Dezign uses ink that is rated colour fast for seventy-five years. The canvas that they use is 100% cotton. That provides quality that ensures your photo on canvas will last.
The photo canvas will arrive at your delivery address mounted on a frame and ready to display. The frame that is used by Canvas Dezign is a pine canvas bar frame that is 1.5 inches deep allowing or easy hanging without worry of damage to the canvas. The photo canvas may be displayed in other methods also. You may choose to display your giclee print on an easel for example.

With adequate care in the design and choice of the many elements that compose the piece you've chosen, you'll enjoy your print for decades to come. From image design to frame shape and size to our chosen method of display, each element will determine how the piece fits into your space and the amount of joy that it creates in your life and space. Before making such choices thought and research can be helpful. Also, input from others may be helpful. If you have questions or doubts feel free to ask the knowledgeable and experienced individuals at Canvas Dezign.

About Us: As known well,Giclee printsare the best to comment while it comes to quality! CanvasDezign grants perfect range of services, where you can meet all your expectations with regards to photo canvas

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