Giclee printing a boon both for the common man and the artist

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The word ‘Giclee' owes its origin to French language. The printing of the original fine art works on to the canvas using the digital technology and multi color inkjet printers is what classic giclee print is all about. A digital photo or a scan of a classic art work is first of all loaded into a computer and then manipulated where ever it is necessary. Alterations of any kind can be made to change the color, remove flaws in the original photograph, brightness or even the resolution. A colored photograph can be changed onto black and white or sepia and the opposite is also true. The Giclee Prints has helped both masses and the artists alike. It has made fine art works available for the general public. Until the advent of the new technology buying fine art work was a dream for a normal person. They were beyond the reach of a common man. It was only the rich who could buy them. During those days an artist could sell his work only to a single owner and live out of whatever he made from it. The artists have benefited economically as they are now able to sell their art work to more number of people.

Giclee prints have started to last longer after the use of pigment based ink has been brought into use. They look better too as the pigment based inks have a better range of color choice. The colors used are very near to the original color used in the painting. It is expected that the colors would withstand the rugged climatic conditions and hold good for about hundred years. The other advantage of the giclee prints is that they can be printed at any time as the original picture is stored in the form of a digital file in a computer. Order for more prints can be placed depending on the public response. The giclee canvas print technology uses a higher resolution which makes the final result so near to the original that there is a misconception that it is original painting.

The giclee technology uses a high resolution digital scanner made with a digital scanning back which is flat or in the form of a drum. It was originally designed to proof read the lithographic printing. Very quickly its potential was realized and the giclee canvas prints started to come by. It can produce archaic looking prints with non pixilated tones to resemble the original paintings. Any number of prints can be made without any compromise on the quality of reproduction. It obtains the same kind of quality as that of a gallery. It has the capacity to make every work look classic. An amateur can turn a good photograph into a canvas print by using the giclee printing technology.

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