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Pictures are one of the most treasured items we all have. A picture can remind you of your childhood, a great holiday, your biggest achievement, your child’s first steps, and many more. In today’s digital age, most people have started to opt for digital images over their paper counterparts. However, just as it is with life, nothing with technology is everlasting. Hard disk failures, operating system malfunction, hardware faults, and accidental deletion, are some of the common problems faced by most of us. So, the question is how can we be sure that out treasured photos stay forever and look the same? Well, the answer is Giclee printing.

In simple words, Giclee printing is the process of printing pictures on canvas. Although you can also get paper prints of your photo pictures, but they offer neither the durability nor the quality as offered by Giclee prints. Since canvas is much more durable than paper, the shelf life of canvas prints is incomparable to that of a paper print. Another problem with paper prints is the fading of colors with passing years. Giclee prints use fade resistant inks to print pictures on canvas ensuring their longer life. These prints are made using top end printing technology offering impeccable finish and unbelievable colors.

Giclee prints are ideal for applications such as gifting, home decor, office decor, etc. You can get memorable pictures of your dear ones printed on canvas, which can be given as gifts at almost every occasion. Some of the most favorable occasions for gifting a Giclee print include anniversaries, birthdays, opening ceremonies, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and many more. These prints are ideal for corporate gifting as well. You can opt for inspirational painting pictures, pictures of the latest developments in your field, pictures of your head office, and the likes, to gift to your colleagues and associated companies’ employees.

Giclee printing services providers can be easily found using any search engine. However, before you place your order, always remember to read customer review about the website and the quality of prints it delivers.

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