Giant King Grass has become the New, Amazing Clean Energy Technological Achievement

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Current everyday existence is now dependent on the usage and obtainability of fossil fuels. With a large quota of these fossil fuels constantly diminishing, we really should start abiding by the essential measures at this time to be much less at the mercy of fossil fuels and a lot more dependent on green energy resources. Energy is also a very vital component of the climate change problem. About 80% of global CO2 emissions originate from energy creation and utilization. Finally,At last, there is a company, VIASPACE Inc. that is making a difference.

VIASPACE Inc. (VSPC), a clean energy company that offers merchandise and technological expertise in renewable and alternate energy has just announced that an independent analysis of Giant King Grass as a clean energy crop by the China National Center for Quality Supervision and Test of Coal has proven that Giant King Grass has an energy content of 18.4 MJ per dry kilogram (4402 kcal per kilogram). Now the Giant King Grass that VIASPACE Inc. generates is now formally acknowledged as a clean, renewable feedstock for the creation of electric energy and liquid biofuels.

VIASPACE Inc's Giant King Grass is the most low-cost, clean, renewable substitute to coal to create electrical energy; and, on top of that, the energy that they produce is the most low-cost clean energy substitute to oil to create liquid biofuels.

Giant King Grass can be burned as a clean, renewable substitute for coal or oil in electric-power plants to create low-carbon electricity and beneficial heat, while also replacing coal/oil which as a result diminishes carbon emissions by 20% while also providing power companies the likelihood of meeting carbon dioxide emissions reduction requirements for the next 10 to 30 annual cycles.

The energy production of Giant King Grass for every acre every year is 3-4 times better to other grasses used. Because of this and everything else explained herein, Giant King Grass agriculture produces amazing yield advantages and therefore lower cost biomass feedstock for biofuels and energy production.

Wind and solar energy resources provide the significant benefit of no cost fuel; however, those energy sources have much higher capital costs and substantially inferior utilization rates because of the simple fact that solar only harvests electricity when it's not cloudy and when the wind is blowing. The combination of expensive capital expenses and minor utilization is the cause of expensive electricity bills. Furthermore, because of these failures, solar and wind green energy are not able to be utilized as base power and are mainly utilized in elaborate grids where there are secondary natural gas power plants to take the reins on cloudy or windless days. However, biomass can produce clean energy continually and surely can be utilized as a base energy source.

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