Ghost Hunters Should Have Been at My House Last Night

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I planned on watching a movie at 8:00 last night and realized just how exhausted I was so decided to flip through the TV channels for an hour of entertainment before crashing. I happened upon Ghost Hunters and decided to check it out. I love any TV show pertaining to the paranormal. The possibility of something believable actually getting captured is what keeps me hooked. It's fun to watch if you're in a suggestible mood and don't over think the fact that every single thing you see and hear could very easily be fake. The show finished and I started to get ready for bed when I noticed the new show Ghost Hunters Academy was about to begin. Great- there's no way I'm going to sleep when I can watch a new show that includes a slew of people about to enter an abandoned asylum to provoke a response from the many people who died there- not to mention it was also a contest so you knew everyone would do their best to conjure up some spirits and win the game. I was hooked.

The show was a blast to watch as the potential ghost hunters roamed through the hallways of the asylum, in and out of rooms where patients received electric shock therapy and murders took place. We saw a moving door and heard a voice whispering the name of one of the contestants on audio and I was so tired at this point that my mind started to wander. I always say that I'm not going to do this to myself and it happens anyway.

I started thinking about all the odd noises I hear in my house at night that I usually blow off simply so I can sleep. My grandparents passed years ago within about two years of each other and my grandfather's passing was just four years ago. I was very close to both of my grandparents, so if they were to be watching over me here and there I wouldn't complain. I moved into their house in December 2009 and a few things have happened that make me think they might be paying me an occasional visit. My question is, why does it always have to happen at night? I wouldn't be scared if they were standing right in front of me as long as it was in broad daylight.

My bedroom television shuts off by itself every single night after we fall asleep. That is at least when I think it happens. Every once in a while, I'll fall asleep and wake back up after about 20 minutes. I attribute this to the fact that I subconsciously hear the TV shut off and realize something's different because it's off when I wake up. I don't keep the same bedtime every night, so the TV shuts off at different times and it seems like it's right after we fall asleep. Keep in mind that I have double-checked the timer on the TV many times to be sure that it wasn't set to turn off by itself. I can't complain too much because at least it saves money on electricity!

There was only one time when I truly felt that we weren't alone. It was one of those times when I woke up in the middle of the night (maybe because of the TV). I couldn't sleep because I went to bed too early. My husband, daughter and myself were squished in bed and I didn't want to wake anyone so I was trying my best to fall back to sleep when I felt a slight weight on my shin. The weight was not going away so, startled, I started to poke at my husband to wake him up. I whispered to him what was happening then it went away. I felt a little static electricity around my leg for a minute but the rest of the night was uneventful.

Why am I telling you all of this? First of all why not? It's fun, and second of all, one of my wacky experiences happened last night when I was watching Ghost Hunters Academy. First I saw a fast moving light in the corner of my eye go across the dining room but thought very little of it because I wasn't really looking. My living room and dining room are connected and I have a perfect view of the chandelier from the living room couch. The light will flicker every now and then when it's on a dim setting and it normally happens only once or twice at most. I was resting on the couch watching the show and saw the flicker but thought nothing of it. Then it happened again… and again. It flickered about seven or eight times so now you've got my attention. I was a little shaken but I still shrugged it off.

Two minutes after I started to relax, I heard a sound in the kitchen. It was the unmistakable noise of a fork being set down on a plate and there were no dishes in the sink. Okay, I'm done. I decided it might be a good time to go to sleep. When I entered the bedroom the TV was on, so I prepared myself for another potential surprise should it turn off by itself before I fell asleep (this has happened twice). I wanted to just shut it off myself, but I figured that I would be listening for too many sounds and keep myself up all night.

Well, you have the idea. Most days are normal in my house- free of bizarre noises though the TV shutting off on its own is pretty much a guarantee. I'm usually sound asleep at the time so it doesn't normally bother me. For some reason it seems that there's a little more going on in my house when I watch shows like this or movies like Paranormal Activity. I wonder what will happen when I watch next week's episode! I don't think these things are happening due to my being in a vulnerable state of mind because the noise in the kitchen was without a doubt unmistakable. I suppose you'll have to take my word for it, much like watching Ghost Hunters!

By: Francis David

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