GHD Hair Straightening

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GHD hair straightener is a surprising small styling tool! It is usually made out of black plastic, with two ceramic plates stuck to it. There's an on/off button on the inside, but it's safe because it gets extremely hot fast and there is not any heat transference on to the handles. The hair straightener is nice to handle with a smooth, but not slippery, you don't need to get your hands anywhere near the ceramic plates to get the leverage to push the two sides together.

Let's get a straight hair by using GHD hair straightener. Wash your hair first and make sure that your hair is absolutely dried before you start. If your hair is very thick, put a tiny bit of moisture left on one part of your hair. Once you've dried your hair, plug in the straightener and switch it on. The red LED comes on to tell you that they're heating up, during this time give your hair a few spritzes of the GHD hair straightener Oil. The direction recommend that you spritz a bit at the time as you're ready to do the straightening process. But you could also do your whole head first as a lazy way. By now the red light is pulsing to let you know that it's time to start.

Start at the roots of a section of hair, clamp the hair between the ceramic plates and gently smooth down. To get the best result, do this a couple of times on each section is better than do it slowly to get a desired straight. Be careful, do not touch the plates and make sure you have somewhere safe to put them down while you un-clip the hair during straighten the sections.

The result is amazing and your hair ends up straight which looks like a ruler.

GHD straightener is much more versatile, it makes the process so easy for you to curl your hair under at the ends, flick hair out, curl hair all over or basically create any style you want. In addition the ceramic plates are supposed to be kinder to your hair and the Straightening Oil helps to lubricate and repair the hair so that you're left with soft shiny style.

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