Getting Pregnant after 40 – Do you know the Problems?

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It most certainly is not difficult to figure out why more and more girls are getting pregnant after 40. If you think about it, even with expedited academic progression, the bulk of females leave university in their early twenties. After that, they are off chasing the corporate ladder. The thought of settling down will hit them during their 30s.

With the biological clock ticking, it is wide-spread knowledge that mature mums, specifically those getting pregnant over forty encounter a lot more fertility challenges than their younger counterparts.

However, getting pregnant after 40 with normal, wholesome pregnancies and no complications is achievable. It is just that statistically, women who get pregnant after 40 face additional risk of fertility issues and troubles and are as a result put through a battery of checks that are elective for younger women.

Any women in their forties or even 30s and wanting to get pregnant must educate themselves on the following so that they can minimise the risk of pregnancy complications that are often seen in mature ladies .

Stock of Eggs
Productivity plunges in ladies beyond 40 and conceiving naturally is not possible in ladies who have menopause. During adolescence, women have close to 300,000 - 400,000 eggs. This amount will reduce by 13,000 year after year.

Females have a fixed supply of ovaries and this availability is at its highest quantity when she reaches puberty. At maturity, themaximum stock of ovaries averages approximately 300k - 400,00 in each female. This availability of ovaries is really at its tail end when the lady reaches her forties and so , drastically reduces her odds of getting pregnant after 40.

Studies have observed that females after 40 have a 40-50% chance of getting pregnant within a year of trying, instead of a 75% likelihood of success for a woman inside her 30s.

Qualities of Eggs
The eggs left in females over 40 tend to have genetic fault. These poor quality eggs cause implantation issues and genetic abnormality. Subsequently, mature ladies often experience pregnancy loss, have increased possibility of having a special needs baby or a baby with birth defect.

The development in fertility treatment has allowed for the identification of unusual embryo growth. Tests for atypical growth are not 100% spot on. Nevertheless, a few nations have legislation allowing women to go for clinical termination of a pregnancy before twelve weeks of pregnancy if unusual development is detected.

You will have to discuss the risks and benefits of these screenings with your consultant early on so that you have adequate time to make an educated decision.

Possibility of Miscarriages and Still Birth
For women getting pregnant after 40, preconception therapy is absolutely essential to alleviate these risks.

Women getting pregnant after 40 can significantly change their odds of conceiving naturally through basic transformation to their life style habits. This involves abstinence from alcohol and caffeineconsumption and smoking, regular exercise plans and a balanced diet.

It is highly recommended that you and your partner get tested to make sure that there are no DNA flaws, that you have a functioning womb and ovaries and that majority of the sperms are normal.

Through Assisted Reproductive Technologies, egg and sperm selection can be conducted so that only good quality eggs and sperms are fertilize. This can significantly increase the probability of a healthy and normal birth.

Close and continued monitoring of the growth of the gestation is essential in preventing unwanted complications.

Complications at Birth
For any women thinking of getting pregnant after 40, a number of risks at birth are very likely

• Premature delivery
• Cesarean birth
• Premature separation of the placenta resulting in hemorrhage
• Placenta previa
• Meconium-stained amniotic fluid
• Postpartum haemorrhage
• Malpresentations (breech or other positions other than head down)
• Preeclampsia
• Gestational diabetes

You can effect your journey in getting pregnant by educating yourself beforehand and knowing your options in advance.

Maggie Tan grew up in Singapore where natural fertility treatment is a way of life.

She set up Natural-Infertility-Cure which offers quality information on conception naturally, such as trying to conceive over 40 because in her time in the UK, she discovered that these potent natural treatments are unknown in the West.

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