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Have you ever wanted to go to an event, be it a concert, a Broadway show, or maybe a basketball game, and tried your hardest to score tickets online? We know, it's sometimes not as easy as a click of a button, especially if the event is a highly anticipated one that is sure to sell out! In our frustration, we talked to one of the top sellers of event tickets, Mb Tickets. They're certainly in the know on what to do to get those elusive tickets. Here are the tips they shared with us, in case you have an event that you really need to see!

1. Synchronize your watch with the online ticket store's watch- You may be in tears, wondering why you missed out on event tickets with just a minute's difference. For really fast-selling events, tickets can sell out within a span of minutes, which is why you may not have gotten your share. Keep this from happening the nest time you need tickets by synching your clock, down to the second, of your ticket provider's. That way, you can click the second the ticket sales open, and not before or after.

2. Set up your account ahead of time- if you're wanting to get events tickets online, then you're all too familiar that before the ticket sales are confirmed, you have got to fill up for personal information. One can waste precious minutes doing this, and in effect, have others beat you to those awesome seats. Beat others to the punch by setting up your account way before ticket sales even starts. Register your billing information ahead of time so that once ticket sales start all you need to do is click a couple of times.
3. If the internet fails, try your luck on the phone- While the internet is your fastest option, it can also be everyone else's first option, and therefore, first place where event tickets get sold out. If this does happen, then go to your phone lines. Call some deserted location, where there is less activity going on, maybe because they are in a different time zone or something, and try to get your tickets from there.

Every crazed fan out there will have his own set of tips to help him get these prized tickets, but based on experience, these have proven effective for us. While these tips aren't full-proof, we have found them to work. Keep them in handy until you have to buy tickets, and they may work for you too!

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