Getting an Infertility Treatment with Your Health Insurance

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Getting an infertility treatment can be costly. Sadly, this is the main reason why a lot of couples easily give up in getting treated.
But do you know that procedures like these can be covered by your health insurance? In fact, a good handful of states require the inclusion of certain coverage for infertility treatment. But take note that these plans just usually minimal, mostly just enough to aid the expenses, but not cover them all.
If you're wondering, though, if your health insurance policy covers infertility treatment, you must first know whether your plan is bought from a health insurance company or from a self-funded benefits program. Why? Because plans from insurance companies always have some provision on infertility treatments as according to the state laws, while self-funded programs have none. However, other plans like those individually purchased or bought by religious employers are exempted from the state laws, so you have to really check your policy for such provisions.

Checking your policy: what you should do
Here are the steps you can do to determine whether your policy covers infertility treatment.
1. Find out if your state has laws about infertility coverage. If you live in any of these states: Arkansas, Hawaii, Connecticut, Illinois, Montana, Massachusetts, Maryland, California, Ohio, New York, West Virginia, and Rhode Island, you have a high chance of being covered.
2. Get a copy of your policy. Request it directly from your insurance carrier, because you would need to look at the list of the complete coverage and exclusions and not on the rates you're paying.
3. Look closer at the exclusion list. This is important because the company should include anything that's not listed specifically on their exclusion list.
4. Look at the section about pregnancy and infertility to see if they've excluded certain treatments and procedures.
Also, keep in mind that you can take things a little further by hiring an attorney to better understand and settle your policy. Just keep in mind that you need to study your state laws first so you can get the best infertility treatment you can get.

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