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Natural Tan

Natural tan is the brownish color of the skin achieved by exposure to the sun. Sunlight causes melanocytes to increase the production of melanin which help protect the skin. Melanin darkens the pale skin to form a suntan. But a person should be careful as the sunlight also contains harmful ultraviolet rays which cause skin cancer.

Not everybody could afford the place or had the time to get a beautiful tan earlier. It was desired by many but acquired by few.

Get a Tan

Now tan is no more exclusive to the elite few who can afford it. There are lots of tanning products available in the market now. Most of them are expensive and beyond the reach of layman. There are some companies which offer these products at very reasonable price. Sun Labs tanning products are available in shops as well as online at very reasonable rates.

Skin Types and Shades

Every person has a different type of skin. Some are highly prone to skin allergies. Before buying, it is always good to check out whether a skin product is suitable for the user's skin or not. Sun Labs offers samples to test on your skin for less than a dollar. If it suits your skin, you can buy in bulk.

Different shades suit different skin types. Therefore, it is always safe to check out the shade of the tan before buying the product in bulk. It is wise to buy some different shades of samples and try it on to know the best shade for the particular skin. A right shade of tan can make a lot of difference to the look of the skin.


The creams and lotions are available in small quantities of four ounces to large quantities of ten gallons. Sun Labs products also come in the form of sprays, gel, and tanning accelerators. Accelerators help the sunlight to increase the amount of production melanin. Anybody can use these products for self-tanning their skin and get the suitable shade of tan without having to spend a fortune on it.

Online Shopping from the Comfort of your Home

It is very easy to browse and buy the products online. The website provides information on the following.

* Different categories of the products that are available
* Guidance on getting a proper self-tanning shade

* Price of the product
* How to buy the product online.

Log on to the website, choose the type and quantity of product, and order them. In few working days the Self-Tanning kits will be available at the doorsteps. Get a sample for less than a dollar. Browse online from the comforts of home and order the desired product.

For more info on the amazing Sun Labs self tanning products, visit the site Buy tanning creams, lotions, gels, sprays, and tanning accelerators from Sun Labs at very economical rates.

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