Get Your Child's Chat History on Social Networking

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Nowadays, with computers in almost every household, children have instant access to thousands of people. There is a very real danger for kids befriending someone online as those people may turn out to be completely different to who they say they are. Children are always too young to tell the good from the bad. Bad guys may make use of their naiveness as kids are easy to trust.

Jasmine, a nine-year-old mother was horrified to discover her little daughter had been messaging strangers. A quick check revealed a trail of messages.

"They were telling her she was beautiful, although they didn't have a photo of her. They said she should come to their house.

"They said they lived at a place where the school was soon going on a residential trip and that she should visit them," she said.

"It is chilling, but thank goodness we have found all this out now and have had the chance to educate our children more about the dangers of going online and the need to keep personal details off the internet." Jasmine said.

However, not everyone is as lucky as Jasmine's daughter. Lessons have been set up in the North East of UK to warn families to keep safe while surfing the net. Peter Chapman, 30, pleaded guilty to kidnapping, raping and murdering 17-year-old Ashleigh Hall, after befriending her on a social networking site where he posed as an attractive 19-year-old lad.

No one would like to see this tragedy happen again. However, who are your children talking to and how can parents ensure they’re not inviting predatory strangers into their lives? Thus, getting the kids online chat history is quite essential for parents to know who your kids are contacting.

Unfortunately not all social networks and messenger services have a chat history. For example Facebook, which has evolved into one of the hottest social networking websites in the world, does not currently have a permanent chat history. However, there are online applications that can record chat histories for you, say Aobokeylogger Mac for Mac OS X.

Aobo Mac keylogger with the feature of recording chat conversations will get you all the online chat logs of you children. Even if you are too busy to physically watch your kids surfing the Internet, you can be informed of the latest online dynamic of your kids in real time with the help of Mac keylogger.

CEOP online safety tips for parents
1. Know what your children are doing online.
2. Get them to show you how to do things.
3. Help them understand not to give any personal information to online friends.
4. Teach them to ignore spam.
5. Teach them to ignore files sent by people they don't know.
6. Teach them some people lie online.
7. Tell them to keep online friends online.
8. Keep talking so they know they can always tell you if something makes them feel uncomfortable.
9. Show children how to block people online and how to report them.

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