Get Xtreme Lashes For Christmas

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False eyelashes are so old school, they are awkward to apply, temporary and stiff. Xtreme lashes, on the other hand, offer a semi-permanent solution, are applied by a professional and, best of all, look and feel like real lashes. No heavy falsies that you have to worry about falling off during the party, these lashes look so natural no one will know. What's more you can kiss your mascara good-bye, because extensions naturally darken your lashes, your lashes will look vivid and mascara is not necessary. Hello, one less step to getting out the door in the morning.

So how do lash extensions work? Xtreme lashes are single strands of synthetic lashes applied to your natural lashes. Each strand is tapered with a thick base and curled to replicate a natural lash. This meticulous process delicately attaches synthetic lash to natural lash for a total of 60-120 lashes per eye - imagine how gorgeous you will look. The process is painless and so relaxing clients often find themselves lulled to sleep during the 1 ½ - 2 hour process of lash application. It is the perfect procedure to have done during the busy holiday season to force you to take a moment for yourself in complete relaxation. (No texting during the procedure, unless you have learned to text with your eyes closed, so just lay back, take a deep breath and…)

This is the perfect time to get the gorgeous lashes that you have always wanted so you can feel extra glam for that holiday party, and with a little work you can make your Xtreme lashes last for months (maybe all of 2011). Because Xtreme lashes are applied individually to your real lashes, lash extensions need to be filled in every few weeks. (Everyone naturally sheds real lashes every few weeks, so extensions fall off with the lashes you lose. Don't worry; this doesn't happen all at once, it's just like when you normally loose lashes from time to time.) The fill in lash procedure costs $68, so whether you want to stretch your gorgeous lashes to that spring wedding or through most of 2011, now is a great time to get started at the discount price of $100. (And for those who only want movie star lashes for one night, the synthetic lashes can be removed at any time with a special removal agent.)


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