Get Unlimited Domestic Phone Calls from KoolTel America

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Do you need to call a lot? Are you paying a hefty amount every month for your phone bill? Here is the right solution for you Ė get unlimited domestic phone calls just for $17.76 per month from KoolTel America and make as many number of domestic calls as you wish. Now, you do not have to think about your phone bill anymore, as you now have the power of unlimited domestic phone calls. What more exciting, if you go for this offer from KoolTel America, you will also get other offers like 500 minutes of Calling Card, which you can use anywhere in the United States anytime.

As a KoolTel America subscriber, you can make unlimited domestic calls only for $17.76 per month. You also get 500 minute calling card per month, which you can use to call anywhere. With KoolTel-America, you can also use a local number, where all the calls to your office, home phone, mobile phone or any other phone will be forwarded. Caller ID facility with name is also available.

What more, if you have a computer, you can also use it to contact anybody in the United States and Canada. This is a wonderful facility that you can use, especially if you have your clients or even friends and family members residing at different places across the United States and Canada.

KoolTel America also offers you another wonderful facility where you can send message from VoiceMail to Email. Itís a pretty utile feature that you can make best use of. Other useful features provided by KoolTel America include 3 call forwarding options. And what even better, in order to enjoy the KootTel-America features, you donít need to disconnect your primary phone service.

Now letís talk about the plans. So, which plan you should go for? KoolTel America offers various plans for varied customers. With KoolTel Americaís Freedom plan, you can use your computer to call anywhere across North America. What more, you have the option to forward your calls. When you are away from your home, just forward your calls to any phone number of your choice across North America. If you miss a call by any chance, the VoiceMail will immediately be forwarded to your email address. You can listen to the voicemails from your phone. Alternatively, the voicemails can also be played as .wav file on your computer. And wait, all these are from a toll free number!

So, donít waste any time. Go for KoolTel America and enjoy unlimited domestic phone calls at just $17.76 per month. Here is your opportunity to change the way you used to make calls. Donít settle for less, go for unlimited, go for KoolTel America.

KoolTelAmerica offers unlimited domestic phone calls at affordable price. Go for KoolTel America and feel the difference.

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