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While bibliophiles cannot give a slip to a hot new book hitting the market, they mostly recoil from reading something like a Booker prize winning book. For example, there are high chances that you have read James''Fifty Shades of Grey', but there are only a handful of those who have even given a thought to Peter Carey's'True History of the Kelly Gang' or Allan Hollinghurst's 'The Line of Beauty'. Well, these award winners may not have penned down their stories enveloped in the coats of stimulating romances or spine-chilling cliffhangers, yet there is something worthwhile to read, something that can be applauded from heart or that stirs our soul. Here, we have listed Booker prize winning books from past few years: these are easily available at online bookstores and can be ordered for home-delivery.

1. Life of Pi ( by Yann Martel): A winner of 2002, this fantasy novel is best at adventure, thrill, fear, and faith. Woven around Indian settings, it is a story of a sixteen year old boy, Pi, who finds himself on a doomed ship that sinks and leaves him all alone. An Orangutan, a zebra, a hyena, and a tiger (Richard Parker) are the animals that are his only companions. Pi uses his wit to survive with ferocious tiger and tells the world his unbelievable story.

2. True History of the Kelly Gang (by Peter Carey): It is one of the Booker prize winning books that are historical in theme. The novel catches the turbulent life of a boy named Ned Kelly. His father has died and he has acquired the skills of bush-ranging from Harry Power. When Kelly comes to know that Alex Fitzpatrick, a police officer having multiple mistresses, is wooing his sister, he gets in conflict with the officer and gets arrested. But he evades it and form a gang of four that loots banks and gives money to the settlers of northeastern Victoria.

3. The Line of Beauty (by Alan Hollinghurst): Life of Nick Guest changes when he moves into the house of upper-class Fedden family of four people. The boom of eighties brings for fortune for this family, while Nick compares his middle-class upbringing with it. Over years, he becomes close to the four members and they allow him to attend lavish parties thrown at them. The family also comes to know of his gay tendencies: he first develops relationship with a council worker and then with a wealthy businessman.

4. The Finkler Question (by Howard Jacobson): This comic Booker prize winning book was awarded in 2011. Julian Treslove and Sam Finkler are the main characters. They have been good friends since school days and have recently widowed. When they meet at apartment of their teacher, they relish their old memories. On his way to home Treslove gets attacked by a women who calls him “You Ju”. The words are taken as “You Jew” by Treslove and soon he becomes obsessed with Jewish lifestyle. More laughs when you read the novel.

5. Amsterdam (by Ian McEwan): Molly Lane has died and her three lovers Clive, Vernon, and Julian are present the funeral. In days to come, Vernon and Clive make a pact based on moral values: this decision puts their friendship to test. Later on, these two become bitter enemies , with their eyes set on taking revenge. Due to the hard decisions taken by them, they have to go Amsterdam. There the plot unravels further.

Well, there are other Booker prize winning books like The God of Small Things, Last Orders, The inheritance of Loss etc. that are worth reading.

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