Get To Know How Cellulite Removal Exactly Works

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One of the most common and persistent cosmetic difficulties women face is cellulite, those lumpy, cottage cheese looking areas which arise on the thighs, legs and buttocks. In fact, 85% of women over twenty battle cellulite, a fact which has spawned a number of cellulite removal products which sell for thousands of bucks each and every year. But do these products really resolve the problem? Till now, the solution is overwhelmingly negative.

Causes of cellulite

If you are seeking a solution for your cellulite issue, the first step is to comprehend how cellulite is formed. Under the skin are many fat cells divided by connective tissues. Age, genetics and hormones will effect in gradual limitation of those dividing tissues. As the tissues drag down, the extra fat inside the cells starts to bulge and create a lumpy appearance, and if the skin has turned into dry and thin the cellulite is even more visible. To be effective, a cellulite removal treatment will address these structural difficulties.

This form looks primarily in females and in parts of the body that have got a greater density of fat cells placed directly below the skin. In females, these body fat cells are shaped like vertical pockets, so while the tissues tighten they pull directly down on the skin. Males, though, have that produces stress against the skin when the tissue tightens. Men, on the other hand, have a thinner layer of body fat and those fat cells are polygon-shaped units with crisscrossing connective fibers. If the fibers stiffen they do not directly pull down on the skin which is the main cause for the dimpling effect of cellulite. Another main difference is that males tend to have thicker skin in the legs and buttocks than females.

Does weight affect cellulite?

Not necessarily, although cellulite may turn into more evident in overweight females. But that fact is that 85% of females are not overweight, and thin, athletic women are just as prone to develop cellulite as women who want to lose a few kilos. Women are comprised of 20% to 25% extra fat cells, compared to 10% to 15% for men, and this is completely good. In fact, that is exactly what will give women their attractive curves. This doesn’t mean that your appearance can’t be enhanced by losing excess weight. Just as obesity will make cellulite more apparent, losing those extra pounds can help make it a lot less visible.

Is there an efficient method of treatment?

The environment is flooded with lotions, wraps, diets, supplements, rollers and many other devices developed to cut down on cellulite, but none of these are very efficient or everlasting. Even if you do find something that improves the form of the skin and decreases the visibility of cellulite, the outcome vanish as soon as you leave using the product.

Unfortunately, those were the only therapies seen in the USA till January 2012 when the Food and Drug Management permitted a brand new laser treatment for cellulite removal called Cellulaze™. Dr. Diktaban, considered by many as the best cosmetic surgeon in NYC, is a head in laser cosmetic surgery and reports overwhelming accomplishment making use of this new product. What makes Cellulaze so different is that it is the first product to every address the conditions under the skin that cause the problem. For the first time, there is a one-treatment option for cellulite removal on the thighs, buttocks and hips.

Cellulaze™ cellulite removal needs one short session of approximately ninety minutes in an outpatient facility. The laser cuts through constricted fibers, releasing the pressure against the skin. Heat from the light also melts excess fat, this is then pushed out through the small incisions. Heat is also directed toward the skin, stimulating collagen production that results in thicker, more elastic skin.

If you are interested in a lasting result to your cellulite problem, contact Dr. Diktaban today to schedule an initial consultation. Dr. Theodore Diktaban, a board certified plastic surgeon and certified otolaryngologist, has worked for years pioneering methods of minimally invasive liposuction and New Laser Cellulite Reduction Treatment. In over 30 years of practice he has carried out a lot more than 20,000 procedures and brings an expertise to each and every patient's care not obtainable in so many practices. He performs low-fat injection body sculpting at his offices in New York City for patients from all round the tri-state region as well and countries all over the world. Contact him for a private consultation.

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