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Are you planning to make a documentary on some kind of natural disaster or war but do not have the resources and the right kind of footage for the same. Also you must be wondering how to capture those intense shots of war, because civilians are not allowed to go on the front while the war is on. Neither is it possible for anyone to take live shots of any natural calamity like the Tsunami, Hurricane, Earthquake and some other major mishap. Well now it is literally possible to get the uncut footage required to make a film or some kind of documentary. To know more read the article below.

While making a film, the film makers use a lot of techniques in order to enhance the quality and to create that dynamic experience for the viewers. Cinematography plays a major role in creating a live scene by developing amazing compositions for it.

But sometimes, it becomes very difficult to shoot those real incidents of a major accident or plane crash or may be a natural disaster. This is because, these events are really hard to shoot and they all prove to be a costly affair and even if that footage is for a news item, then too reconstructing the whole incident would obviously be foolishness.

Many times what happens is an accident like, a sudden volcano eruption takes place causing havoc among people. Now the news flashes on your TV screen as a breaking bulletin, but by the time they get the real footage, they show you the related clips taken from the Internet in order to make the complete news package. This gives the audience an idea of what has happened.

Now, you must be thinking, how to get this footage and what should be done to get the footage if it is indeed required..? Well, we have all heard about the Internet, the one place that is the fastest source to get information on any issue. So you can start your search for the video clips on the desired topic by typing keywords like; War and Disaster or stock footage. These two words would take you to the source from where you can get the uncut, real footage of live incidents. Be it destruction caused by an earthquake, a massive Tsunami or by an unstoppable tornado, you will get every possible video from the websites that appear for your search. Not even this, video clips related to war and major accidents are also available at these websites. Besides this, you can even get the videos of funny incidents, like bloopers that happened with celebrities, in sports or even the general day to day humorous incidents.

A few benefits that you will get from these video clips are:

* They will provide you the needed footage without having to go anywhere to shoot.
* Some of the websites provide the videos for free so this adds an additional benefit.
* These video clips act as a substitute for the real footage.
* They save a lot of time and are easy to download too.

Besides this, you should remember a few things while taking the help of such videos. Firstly, you should be well aware that mention of the source of the footage is important, because all these are copy write material of some or the other person. So always mention the source. Secondly, when taking the videos from a paid website, check out the terms and policies and see if the website has any hidden costs or not for using their service. If it does, then leave the website immediately. Lastly, while taking any video, keep in mind that at the end of the day, if it is for the general public, then try not to use the provocative and apprehensive footage that can create tension among the viewers.

Keeping these few points in mind and by carefully choosing the videos, you can build up a good program and can entertain people. So go and find your way!

This write up is written by an expert, working for Stock Footage, an online library having a collection of video shots on wildlife.

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