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People nowadays are not only figure conscious but also looks conscious. And catering to these desires the various manufacturers have entered in to the arena of creating lots of face care products. Everyone wants their skin to look healthy, refreshing and glowing and hence prefer to these products.

There are various types of the face care products which are available in the market. They are generally of the two types namely Natural or herbal products and the chemical based products. Natural based face products are made with the help of the natural products like plant, animal products or various minerals. They are totally safe to use as they do not have any side effects on the face skin. The chemical based skin products are made utilizing the chemicals such as chloride, alcohol, salicylic acid etc. These are also safe to use but if applied in large amount it may cause skin irritation.

The other consideration to be kept in mind while purchasing the face care product for yourself is the skin type you have. There are three different types of the skin- Oily skin,Normal skin and the Dry skin. Likewise the Oily skin people should go for the water based product as it help in maintaining their pH balance. Similarly the dry skin people should go for the oil based product as it will keep the skin moisturised and healthy.

The various types of the face care products are as follows

Moisturising cream- it is the semisolid preparation which forms the protective covering over the skin and prevents the skin from various kind of irritation. The sunscreen cream prevent the sensitive skin from the harmful effects of the Sun's ultraviolet rays.

Lotions- These are the water based product which makes the skin smooth and soft to touch. Here you can also include the moisturizing lotion and the creams which also enhance the skin quality.

Gels- As we age there are certain problems which arise in the skin this could be loss of firmness of the skin or wrinkles. Gels are those products which help in controlling these effects and makes the skin firm and smooth.

Toner and cleansing product- These products are applied in the night to clean it off the full days dust and dirt. It moisturises the skin and gives you the glowing skin. It is necessary to follow these daily routines of toning, cleansing and Moisturising. This helps in maintaining the skin in its natural glow.

Face wash- this another product which is manufactured keeping in mind the sensitivity of the skin. There are two types of the face wash- oil based and water based depending on the type of skin you can use any. They are not harsh on the skin

All these face products are easily available in the market and you can also order online and save time and money. All the branded products are available with discounts and other added benefits. So keep your skin glowing and Order Now.

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