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LG, since we all know is a worldwide famous name especially when we think about a big brand name. The name and fame that LG holds today is the result of its hard work and devotion towards providing a better service to their customers amid any other electronics brand in the market. LG is always ahead in the race of smart phones and therefore it has been in the first position in the queue of smart phones.

GSM network is the network that is being used by the LG Optimus One. The physical look or the physical appearance of the LG Optimus One can woo the viewer that of the phone at the first glance. Three twenty into four eighty ( 320 * 480 ) pixels is the measurement of the display screen that is present in LG Optimus One, in which the screen is made up of LCD material. You will enjoy big screen benefits with this smart phone as its screen size is 3.2 inches. Proximity sensor is a big thing in the touch phones and that is yet another comingup feature of LG Optimus One if you can afford to buy one. Most of the hassle that continues with mobiles phones or smart phones is the factor that they are mostly very heavy weighted and it becomes a major issue whenever handling of a phone is concerned, keeping in mind this factor the LG Optimus One smart phone has been manufactured as a very light weighted smart phone offering a hassle free handling of the customers or owners of the LG Optimus One smart phone.

Contact is the most important aspect of the people who are mostly business man or very busy persons. Smart phones are an ultimate option and preferable by such professionals because of its user friendly features, which increases the speed of their work. The phone book of LG Optimus One smart phone have the options of caller id and dialer id along with the ring id and photo id of the group of the people with whom the business person is in contact with.

What would you do, if you are outside the office and wants to check your important emails? With the help of LG Optimus One smart phone you can be online anywhere and at any point of time without a worry. Along with SMS services you can also enjoy the privilege of emailing your frinds at any point of time with the help of LG Optimus One smart phones. LG Optimus One smart phone also proffers the facility of 2 GB in built memory that can be extended with a 32 GB memory card.

In today's era you will hardly find a person who does not have a phone in his or her hand. The basic features of LG Optimus One smart phone will help you to be more enhanced and advanced with the technology's development.

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