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The beauty of a home vegetable garden is the ability to control what goes into the food supply for you and your family. Unlike a supermarket, where every consumer is at the mercy of the source and chemicals introduced to grow that food, a home garden prevents such an occurrence. Good soil is the first consideration, and with good soil comes great compost from a compost bin. Read on to discover a few models less than $100.

Worm Factory Worm Composter — Worms Working for You

The Worm Factory Worm Bin (around $80) will provide you with stackable trays full of rich composting material approximately every thirty days, as claimed by the manufacturer, Nature’s Footprint, based in Bellingham, Washington.

The biggest advantage of the Worm Factory is just as its name states — worms. This model is specifically designed to provide for an ideal living environment for worms to do their job of breaking down organic material into nutrient-filled compost.

Although on the other hand, a disadvantage of having worms crawl throughout the composting bin does sound creepy for some folks, despite the helpful nature of these often hated creatures. But the main purpose of this unit is to give the home gardener free fertilizing material for the best chance at raising a successful crop, and worms will help things a whole lot faster than compared to a compost bin without worms.

SoilSaver Classic Compost:A Unit to Naturally Form Precious Heat

For this model, retailing for approximately $85 at, the factory claims it will be able to accomplish decomposing a full batch of material in as little as six to eight weeks. It is made of a durable recycled plastic frame to ensure long-term use and prevents garden pests from entering with its lockable access panel.

Its black, dark exterior was intentionally designed to allow for the formation of internal heat in order to keep the contents at the right temperature suitable for natural decomposition. Though this could prove a disadvantage, as it may not match the decor or surroundings of your backyard. Despite this small drawback, it is a solid unit able to churn out compost at a decent rate.

CompoSpin: A Novelty of a Bin that is Convenient Too

The CompoSpin, costing only $75, gives you the capability of tumbling up to fifty gallons of organic waste. What is unique about this is that it is shaped like a ball, and will be an amusing and attractive addition to your garden area.

A particular inconvenience is the need for prior assembly of the spinning sphere. Though it is not difficult to perform, it does take time to do. Other compost bins need only be set out on the lawn, and you can begin filling them with kitchen waste matter straightaway.

These mentioned here are just some of the many models available to help you feed precious nutrients to your garden, and ultimately to your family. You can decide if a compost bin is best with worms assisting in the process, or a dark exterior to provide heat, or a tumbling drum is what will meet your needs. But no matter the selection, your garden will all the better because of it.

Joann is a student and freelance writer who enjoys traveling. You should also read her other articles on kitchen compost bins, easy composting, and plastic composting bins.

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