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A bronzed complexion is the 'in' thing this season. While a bronzed complexion places you in the modern slot, it may come accompanied with many difficulties. That sun kissed look needn't come together with wrinkles and early aging, blots or deadlier consequences like skin cancer. You can get a tan safely as well. Here are some tips which will help you with the same.

If you're going for out of doors tanning then ensure that you choose appropriate timings to lie down in the sun. Don't go out in the sun when the sun is at it's strongest and that is between 10.00 a.m. To 3.00 p.m. Lay out in the sun only when it is not very oppressive to avoid any kind of skin problems.

Wearing a tanning lotion is also a must if a safe tan is what you Are looking for. But, aren't these products intended to shield you from tanning? Well, yes they do to some extent but they ensure that you get the complexion of your choosing without being exposed to the risk of carcinoma of the skin. Make note of the SPF before you choose a suntan lotion or a sunblock.

would like. Often , using sunscreen with SPF fifteen rating is the best choice. Make sure that you apply sunscreen at least half an hour before you step out in the sun. In case you intend to spend boring hours out in the sun, you'll need to reapply the sunscreen, after every 2-3 hours at least. Use the sunscreen in suitable amounts for most satisfactory results.

Another imperative thing to make note of is to make use of sun protective gear. Whenever you go out in the sun take necessary precautions to guard your eyes and hair. For this you wish to clad yourself in safeguarding clothing or can also try wearing hats and scarves. If you are out in the sun for the aim of tanning; ensure that you wear shades. If you are opting for indoors tanning with help of a tanning shop ; then too it's imperative to wear sunglasses. Wearing such glasses protects you from any damage to your eyes without interfering in getting your chosen complexion in any which way.

Remember that proper tan basically relies on how much you care about your skin. Before you step in the sun, you need to inspect your skin for any burns or cuts or erosions. Who is able to say what sort of skin disorder might come out of it! Visit a doctor if any of these anomalies stays for too much time. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Getting a safe tan is not that troublesome. All you need to do is take a little additional care of your skin during and after the tanning process. Go ahead and get that golden glow and that too without dealing with any kind of irritating side effects.

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