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Farrell, my friend is an online geek who filled his laptop with all sorts of software. "This software will watch this movie, this one will upload videos in you tube, this one downloads xyz", Farrell continued to amuse with his online knowledge.

Then I asked the question, "Could you show me that Online broadcasting software package you downloaded last week?" As if hit by a bolt of lightning, Farrell's face dropped and went numb.

After some silence, he recovered and told me that he had so far downloaded 10 of them and spent over $300 but none had worked. This guy never gives up, 300 bucks down and he still thought there was one good software out there? I asked him what makes him so sure he can find good software that works and he explained that the internet is actually full of scams.

It is true that very few softwares work online but they are out there. He explained that usually somebody comes out with legitimate software and launches it online. But due to greed many people make scams, fakes, and counterfeit ones. The money made from such softwares is worth the effort as they prey unsuspecting people online.

Bottom line, Farrell was convinced and determined to get one software that works fine. I asked him if we could do the search then and he agreed and we were on.

I didn't expect the search to be that broad. We browsed through 100 websites with some offering more than 10,000. We then looked at their reviews and all we got was that they were scams from people who had tried them.

We were almost giving up on our search when finally; we found a nugget of gold. The PC 2010 Elite Edition, one of the first softwares to be made and upgraded. Atleast these guys had got it right. With over 3000 TV broadcasting channels including American, Spanish and Canadian shows, this was a real winner. The software even had over 1000 satellite radio broadcast stations.

The software was costing far much less than others that were not even working at $49.95. This they said was for a lifetime membership with free upgrades every year. The free online TV software can be watched from all over the world with a good internet connection.

Bingo, we downloaded the Elite 2010 edition and we watch a lot of sports TV online. We are actually now thinking of how we can make our own TV channel and upload it online.

If you are tired of paying those ridiculous cable bills every month; and are ready to get premium TV for PC and not have to worry about paying a recurring monthly payment. Visit our site below and get your free trial version of the 2007 Elite Edition or the Titanium Edition and find out yourself why people are flocking to this new technology today!

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