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Colostrum is the naturally produced breast milk by mammals during the end of pregnancy or just before delivery. It is very good for the newborn baby’s health. It also contains more protein and carbohydrate than usual milk and also consists less fat. It helps the new-born baby to develop its immune system and since it is very easy for it to digest, there is nothing better than this as the baby's first food. The color of the milk varies from a shade of orange and yellow and its texture is something paste-like.

The best natural colostrum is rich in antibodies which boost the immune system of a child as well as prevent certain diseases away from him. So, it is very necessary for mother to breastfeed her child to avoid diseases in future. Nowadays, people consume colostrums for glowing and anti ageing skin. It contains all the things that help in reducing wrinkles. It helps in healing leaky gut syndrome, which is an abnormal condition which allows unwanted pathogens and toxins into the body, which then may cause skin eruptions as the body attempts to remove them. Lactoferrin present in role as an antioxidant helps in cleaning up free radicals which can cause skin aging changes. The best natural colostrum contains antibodies against allergens of clinical importance to human beings. It also contains IgE binding factors which suppress IgE expression (IgE is the immunoglobulin involved in allergic reactions) which act to prevent or inhibit allergic reactions

Marathon runners, who experience a significantly higher incidence or upper respiratory tract infections (URI) in the weeks leading up to and following a marathon, had a much lower rate of URI when receiving colostrum supplementation or diet as compared to placebo. As growth hormone levels decline with age that may contribute to the decrease in lean body mass and increase in fat mass that occurs with aging. Levels of IGF-1 were measured in elderly men both with growth hormone supplementation and without supplementation. The results confirmed that growth hormone levels correlated with lean body and less fat mass. We heard about bovine colostrum that is used as a supplement for people who has poor immune system. Supplementing with 20 grams per day in combination with exercise training was shown to increase bone and lean muscle mass in active men and women after eight weeks of period.

The best natural skin care by colostrum gives a healthy and youthful skin as it contains antioxidants and the precursors to glutathione which is considered as the most powerful antioxidant known that helps in cleaning up these pollutants from the body and reverse the damage they do to the body. The best natural skin care cream containing bovine colostrum is said to deliver rich moisture and increases firmness and elasticity. Also it prevents skin from dryness and reduces free radical damage and fight from wrinkles. Especially under eye area which is more prone to ageing line can be treated by bovine first milk.

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