Get Rid Of Your Cold Calling Anxiety Through These 5 Sales Techniques

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Does getting that telephone and calling somebody annoy you? Why is it that we're very scared of making a "cold call"? Is it really true that the telephone has power to control us, when honestly it is only simply a tool to connect with others?

Why do a lot of people have such a feeling of anxiety and stress over making a phone call and just offering a service over the phone? Well it's merely because they know in their mind that calling simply "to close" a customer and having a concealed sales agenda is what upsets the person on the other line. It's this uncomfortable feeling that rejection might happen and that we are invading other people's lives that makes us paranoid to pick up the phone. This fear of rejection happens because some part of us knows that going straight for an appointment or for an order over the phone without any trust is unnatural. Would you approach someone in a bar and say "Hi my name is……. Give me your number?" or "Hi my name is…………. And what I do is…………… Would It Be Okay If I I sign you up for a great service I offer?" The answer is obviously "NO" because you know yourself that even in face to face meetings you will not be welcomed by anyone until you've made that level of trust and feeling of comfort that would make someone want to listen to you. And this is where conventional sales sense fails us.

Thus naturally we feel anxious if we dump information and call on an unsuspecting receiver and 'hope' that they will continue listening to us. Even though we know that it is creating something that's unnecessary for the listener we still do it like this. We must ask ourselves why that is. Well maybe we are just not honestly looking at it from the receivers point of view and approaching it in a way that we can truly enter the receivers world and be respectful enough so that we may open the dialogue and see how we can ‘help' them as oppose to ‘sell' to them.
So if you truly seek to get rid of your anxiety prior to picking up the telephone, you should be able to remove their anxiousness about talking to you. These are five important principles that will let you execute this:

You have to be consciously decide to originate from a place of being a "Selective Volunteer"- Why are you talking to this prospect? Just to ‘close' someone or to build a connection and bond that is very strong that they would feel easy purchasing from you. Moreover, it's you, the salesperson who is choosing to talk to them. So it's as much your decision to labor with them as it's theirs to work with you. Hence if you make a call and feel that this prospect is a perfect fit for your organization and you act accordingly, that is absolutely okay, but if they are not a fit, that is ok too. The truth of the type of connection you might be able to create is more important than closing somebody. This would be the same for talking to somebody face to face. If you feel the connection isn't there, why would you ask for another time to talk or appointment? If you cannot help them then you should feel okay with leaving. That's what a critical volunteer's mindset should be.

We often find in our calls that in an effort to get into the customer's space and away as fast as possible we will frequently deliver our words as fast as possible. Nonetheless we all understand that as soon as you speak faster, the stress on the listener builds and they start to feel cornered. So any conversation that's created must be natural and void of voice tonality or minor pressure that might let the listener know that YOU"RE uncomfortable or tensed about what you might be saying. And the greatest way to sound confident is to deliver in a steady and slow manner. Nevertheless when we put so much tension on ourselves to perform how can one achieve this level of comfort? The answer is to TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Breathe naturally while making the call and take a few deep slow breaths prior to the call that will slow you down and take that pressure out of your heart and your mind.

If you're are too conscious of how you make your way and too self-conscious to the point that your involvement about your execution is affecting your performance, well perhaps you have to cut yourself some slack. It's the illusion that we should all be flawless that creates further anxiety and pressure on both us and the client. So by showing that we are humble and comfortable with having errors and being genuinely human, we come across as far more caring and somebody who's simply there to assist. Go easy with mistakes, as it is those that display your true meekness and your willingness to try- Qualities that are looked upon and admired well by all.

When you last bought a product did you purchase it when you were ready or when you were asked to? We all understand in our minds and hearts that no one wants to be ‘sold' on something. We all want to make the conscious decision that what we're going to do is the best thing for us. Yet we forget this when we are selling and have very unrealistic expectations of the timing of when a client might seal a transaction. We present, we follow up, then we get irritated when we do not hear from them for 2 or 3 weeks, and it takes perhaps even months for them to decide. We somehow feel if they've heard about our service or product they should naturally want to purchase immediately! Certainly they would! Nevertheless we never ask ourselves and step back, "Is this the something that they truly want to look at now?" if it isn't then if and when they purchase should be completely up to them and we should all be happy to enthusiastically show our willingness to be patient and show them that we know that they will come to US when they feel ready, not before.

Those familiar with Unlock The Game's approach to sell by Ari Galper will be very aware of the significance of language in a telephone and how the simple selection of certain words and phrases can have on a call's success. Any word that creates pressure or seems controlling or manipulative will break that connection that you've got with a customer who doesn't want to be controlled by someone. Therefore you should keep a notebook or diary of key phrases or expressions that get rid of the pressure on the phone call and present comfort for the receiver. Making calls and simply asking whether people would be ready to heed your advice though a phrase like "would you be willing to …." Would get you much further than simply dumping a speech on an unsuspecting stranger. For further powerful phases and means to take the pressure out of your language take the time to read through take a look at Ari Galper's material and see how it might work for you.

Cold Calling is simply one process to link with others and with this frame of mind your anxiety will disappear because you understand in your own mind that you are coming from a place of humility and assisting others. You don't realize if you are a fit until you have truly created that feeling of strong trust, so at all times focus on THEM, not on pushing the TRANSACTION.

Ari Galper, founder of Unlock The Game, makes cold calling painless and simple. Learn his free cold calling secrets even the sales gurus don't know. To receive your 10 free audio mini-lessons visit

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