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Let us say you receive two postcards in your mail box. Which do you pick first, the full colored one with enticing offers and eye-popping images or the one with dull colors, no text, and unappealing offers? Obviously, you would pick the first option. That is the beauty of colorful and appealing postcards. They attract attention easily.

postcards are actually among the most used marketing materials today. If in the past these cards were simply used to share experiences and memories, today they have found their place in the business industry. They are now among the most effective and low cost marketing strategies. If you are seeking to promote your business without too much hassle, then you better go for these cards.

When using postcards as your promotional campaign, you can achieve impressive readership. This is because these cards are highly visible and stays in front of your prospects for a long time. There is no need for an envelope so you get to send your message direct from the mail box. No beating around the bush. The message is delivered plain and clear.

Less cost and effort is also required with the non envelope requirement of postcards. There is no need to spend extra type designing the envelope or choosing a paper material for it. After the card is designed and printed, it is ready for mailing.

Aside from using postcards to promote your products or services, there are other instances that you can use these cards. This includes:

To introduce a new product, even, a change in phone number or address, and others

Promote your web site to drive traffic to it

As a survey form

Invitation to events and gatherings

To do follow ups

As a thank you card

To simply keep in touch with your customers

Offer new promos, sales, or discounts

The question now is, are postcards worth your investment? Definitely. If you know what your goal is and use these cards to achieve it, it would be easy for you to follow the right track. Another good thing with these cards is that they can be tracked easily. You simply have to ask your customers to bring your card when they buy or use the bar code in the card when they purchase online. A survey form printed at the back which your customers have to send back to you is also a great way to track results. All these will let you determine how effective your cards are.

The key here is to make sure the design of your cards is catchy and compelling. Remember, you want to be the card that people will pick first, and a great design will help you achieve that.

However, before you carry out a postcard printing campaign, there are several things you need to keep in mind such as the following:

How much increase in sales you want. Is it a monthly or weekly increase? The number of sales you need to achieve that increase. The number of leads that have to close a sale. How you would track the campaign?

If you are able to do all that effectively, you can be sure that your postcard marketing campaign will be effective and successful.

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