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Data Cleansing is also commonly referred to as data scrubbing and is an essential business strategy to help your business function smoothly. Data Cleansing actually works by cleaning the consumer and business database of any company and updating it with the accurate information, so that the direct mails and other communications reach the right recipients.

If you have a business and customer database that has not been updated, remember it may be full of wrong information like the wrong contact details. This may lead you to send direct mails to the wrong address implying business loss. People may shift their homes any day and their might be existing customers who have died; these details need to be updated in the database, so that you know that whatever you want to convey is reaching the right individuals.

Why not got for Phruit Limited? Phruit, which is located in Nottinghamshire, offers solutions to all the business problems of people having businesses based in the UK and offshore.

Refresh – Phruit’s Data Cleansing service

Phruit Limited has developed its Data Cleansing service in such a way that it is suited to meeting all your business requirements and is also able to maintain the integrity of your business and consumer data. When you are using the Refresh service from Phruit, you are actually letting the system perform a complete audit of your database; this will enable you to select the Data Cleansing process that suits you the most.

The many services from Refresh

Refresh is ideal for improving the quality and accuracy of your data.

Refresh Clean is the service that is adept at cleaning and updating the names, addresses as well as the telephone numbers in the database. This makes sure that the communications are accurate and will reach the intended recipients.

Refresh Validate is the service that ensures all the contact details in the customer and business database are current and correct. You can be assured that your direct mails are deliverable.

Refresh Suppress is that service from Phruit which lets you identify all the businesses and customers who are not interested or are unable in responding to all the communications you are making. The disinterest or inability may develop due to several reasons including bereavement, absence, CCJ Suppression or preference services registration. This helps reduce the wastage costs and also helps avoid consumer annoyance.

Refresh Enhance service works by using extra information to make sure that the appropriate offers have been aimed at the right individuals.

Refresh Match service has the ability to identify the duplicate records, helping in reducing consumer annoyance and wastage costs.

The benefits

The Refresh Data Cleansing service from Phruit helps retain the freshness and accuracy of a company’s consumer and business database. Once the data in the database gets stale, it is sure to have an adverse impact on the campaign costs, marketing response rates, as well as consumer perception. Refresh service helps improve the efficiency, reduces the costs and the risks that are engaged, and also ensures that all communications follow the latest parameters that govern the business and consumer communications.

Phruit Limited is a reputed Call Centre service provider in the UK and offshore. The company offers cost effective solutions to all business issues in the shortest time possible.

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