Get Paid to Drink Beer!

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Get Paid to Drink Beer!

Wait a minute! No one is going to pay you to drink beer! Are they? Yes they

What we're talking about here is market research. It's been around a long time.
Not just brewing companies, but all kinds of consumer oriented businesses
spend millions every year researching every aspect of their products and the
markets they are selling to. What color? What taste? Where? When? Why? How?
If you can think of something someone would what to know about anything...
Well, companies that depend on sales for their bottom lines, (and how many companies
don't depend on sales for their bottom lines?) want to know it.

How is market research done? Research companies and other types of companies
which hire research companies, pay for the answers they seek. They pay you and
me to try their products and give them your honest opinion. Come oh, they have
to! Would you help a company improve their product for free? Think about it.
I've given my opinion to many consumer product companies, for free. But,
usually, my opinion, at the time, was more pointed to what they could do with
their product! Not what they could do to improve it!

So, an individual that has the time and the inclination, if they knew where
to look, could make money offering their feelings and opinions to a lot of different
companies. But the key is: where do you look? How do you find out whom to call? Search
the internet of course! For instance this website: Get Paid to Drink
is typical of the sites that offer reasonably priced directories of companies
that will pay you to try their products and comment on them.

Selling your time to marketing research companies won't make you rich, but
it will help pull the ends together! And, you might even learn something and
have a little fun doing it!

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