Get mesmerized with the efficacy of DISH TV Internet Packs

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Internet has become a fundamental and vital part of communication process nowadays. We canít even think of continuing our daily work without an active internet service. DISH Network Ė the best satellite TV provider in United States of America provides High-Speed Internet connection powered by Wild Blue. So if you live where you can't get DSL or cable-based high-speed Internet, then DISH Network offers you the right solution. DISH Network High-Speed Internet powered by Wild Blue is available almost anywhere you like, with plans starting at $49.95 every month. Grab hold of DISH Network Internet Package and get pampered with the alluring DISH Network internet service.

Now which package to pick up that will best serve your internet purpose? DISH Network offers three lucrative DISH Network packages that include Silver, Gold and Platinum.

DISH Network Silver Pack

DISH Network Silver Pack is perfect for Internet users who often make use of e-mails and who visit the Web for news as well as information. This superb internet package of DISH Network has a download speed of 512 kbps and an upload speed up to 128 kbps. In order to get DISH Network Silver Package, you have to pay $49.95 per month.

DISH Network Gold Package

DISH Network TV Gold Package is ideal for daily e-mail usage, heavy web surfing, music downloads, online shopping and sharing photos. It has a download speed of 1.0 Mbps and an upload speed of 200 kbps. For this DISH Network Package, you have to pay $69.95.

DISH Network Platinum Pack

DISH Network Platinum is best for multiple computers in simultaneous sue and for sending as well as receiving large files like music and videos. It has a download speed of 1.5 Mbps and an upload speed of 256 kbps. If you want to subscribe to this DISH Network Pack, you have to pay a monthly price of $79.95.

Resemblances amidst the 3 DISH Network Packages

24/7 Technical Support as well as free standard professional installation are included with these three DISH Network internet packages. Anti-virus or anti-spyware is 2 years free for all the three DISH TV packages.

Differences amongst the 3 DISH Network Internet Packages

Email Addresses Powered by Google more than 7 GB per address is 5 in case of DISH Network Silver Pack, 5 for DISH Network Gold Pack and 10 for DISH Network Platinum Package. Threshold (download) is 7,500 MB for DISH Network Silver, 12,000 MB for DISH Network Gold and 17,000 MB for DISH Network Platinum Package. On the other hand Threshold (upload) is 2,300 MB for Silver Pack, 3,000 MB for Gold Pack and 5,000 MB for DISH Network Platinum Package.

You have to pay a one-time DISH Network equipment lease fee of $49 for Wild Blue equipment. This is a separate installation from your DISH Network television system.

So take hold of these valuable DISH Network Internet Packages today for yourself or for your loved ones and speed up your internet connection in the most competent way. Seize these extraordinary DISH Network packages and get mesmerized with its efficacy.

DISH Network, the best satellite TV provider offers several alluring packages that will match up to your varied requirements. Subscribe to DISH Network Packages on Internet services and get fascinated with its incredible efficacy.

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