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Habits take time to change. It takes a few days for a person to accommodate in a new set up. Even a new shoe takes some time to fit in properly and a new cell phone takes time to become a true companion of the user. Same is the case for TV entertainment too. When one switches over from cable TV to satellite TV, it takes some time to change the habit. The new channels and shows surely excite and attract but it often becomes a little difficult for people to adjust as they miss their favorite shows on the local channels. Not anymore! Thanks to DISH Network, the leading satellite TV service provider in US, subscribers can now watch local channels along with DISH the DISH Network channels that they are being offered in their respective DISH Network Packages.

Since June 2010, DISH Network has made local channels available for all its customers. Unlike past, you donít need to wait and watch for special promotions to avail local channels with along with DISH channels. They are now included in your package. DISH local channels are now available across the country so no matter where you are settled you get to watch your local channels. So, even if exciting programs on the DISH Network channels do not seem to be entertaining enough, you can tune into the local channel offering your favorite show. Viewers who have switched over from cable to DISH Network and also those who are planning to do so should thank both Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act 2010 and DISH Network for making this enough. Truly, it has been a great decision by the government and DISH Network has made full use of it by allowing space for the local channels. Quite obviously, demand for DISH Network connection has gone up in since June and is likely to climb up further by X-Mas.

As a new subscriber, you now get even a bigger package which is exciting not only in terms of options but also in terms of cost. Along with a host of special channels including some with HD quality output you can now get local channels that have been parts of your life for quite some time. It is like welcoming the new without kicking out the old. Itís a blend of new flavor with the existing.

This is where DISH Network has got the edge. It doesnít only provide satellite TV service but ensures complete enjoyment for its viewers. The demand for including local programming with satellite channels was gathering momentum for quite some time and the moment it has been legally approved, DISH Network has responded positively. If you are an existing DISH Network subscriber, simply contact your local office and ask them to add the local channels to your package and if you are a new customer get it included in the promotion. With their respective DISH Network packages, subscribers can enjoy local networks like CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox at home.

However, you should be very careful while setting up your account. Avoid 3rd party vendors and contact the dealer directly otherwise you might have to pay extra charge for the new set up. If you are new customer the best thing will be using the promotion which you will be provided with.

Now enjoy your local channels along with a plethora of exciting Satellite TV channels that DISH Network offers you. Contact your local DISH Network dealer and ask to add the local channels to your package.

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