Get Gout relief with Natural Grapes

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Gout is experienced by a large portion of the population. This disease centers on the accumulation of excess uric and body acids. There is no one fix for this condition. But for sure, one of the ways to get rid of gout is to move to a diet of fruits and vegetables and to limit the use of meat and other foods that produce uric acid.

This article is about grapes and the substantially gout benefits they have. As with all fruits, it is useful to become acquainted with the various nutrients they have and how they benefit health.

Grapes and other fruits contain the very substance that will get you started in eliminating gout. They contain minerals that will neutralize body acids and prevent uric acid from precipitating into crystals. Grapes contain antioxidants that trap free radical, which reduces the inflammation created by gout.


Grapes are high in minerals that move your body toward alkalinity. Any slight movement towards an alkaline body means less uric acid will form uric crystals.

This little fruit will reduce the acidity of uric acid and then helps to eliminate it through your kidneys.

Nutritional Information on Grapes

Grapes have a long history. This fruit was being cultivated in Asia over 6000 years ago. Egyptians showed, in their hieroglyphics, the history of grapes to be 2400 B.C. Romans spread grapes and grape wine throughout Europe. And grapes have been used for wine in prehistoric times.

The best time to eat grapes is in the morning and for between meal snacks. Eating grapes makes for healthy breakfast eating. They help to cleanse and detoxify you.

Grapes have been used traditionally to treat liver, kidney, dyspeptic, tuberculosis, hemorrhoids, gangrene, cancer, varicose veins and many other diseases. In addition, they will help you with your constipation when you use them with your breakfast meal.


The effectiveness of grapes, in treating disease, comes from their high level of phytochemicals and antioxidants. It is the phytochemical resveratrol, found in the grape skin, which protects the brain and connective tissues from aging.

Resveratrol has been tested in test tubes with various viruses and all viruses were killed. It is not known if grapes can kill viruses in your body, but it is known that grapes have tannin which virus dislike and become disabled.

Here's what resveratrol can do. It slows down tumor formation by stopping DNA damage, slows tumor growth, enhances DNA repair ability, and slows cell cancerous mutation. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help to keep inflammation in check. Inflammation is known to be the #1 aging and killing process in your body.

Red Grapes

Dark grapes have the most phytochemicals and anti-oxidants, but red grape also have similar properties, but not as intense. Grapes as wine, juice, and raisins all have phytochemicals that are healing. Grapes contain polyphenolic compounds, which have been shown to reduce blood platelet aggregation, which provides protections against cardiovascular disease.

All forms of grapes, juice, wine, and raisins have shown effective protections against various cancers. Grape seeds are used to produce grape seed extract.

This extract shows antiviral and antibacterial properties and is used in England to treat varicose veins and other venous disorders. The grape seed flavonoids also show they can reverse arteriosclerosis.

Pick those grapes that hard and ripe. The yellow or green grapes are the sweetest but the dark ones have more healing power. Regular use of grapes in your morning breakfast will provide you with some protection against cancer, viruses, and many other diseases, so eat plenty of them during the summer.
Grapes are one of the keys to good health no matter what type of disease you have. Rudy Silva written a book on gout that uses the idea that gout can be eliminated by using specific fruits that eliminate uric acid and body acids quickly and safely. Head over to checkout his Gout Pain Relief Book.

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