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Do you know that you can get copy of your earlier filed income tax return easily? Yes, now it is quite possible to get hold of Copies of Tax Returns online very easily if you need them. There may be several reasons and circumstances because of which you will need it.

Whatever may be the reasons, you will sometimes require getting hold of an exact copy of your previously filed income tax return. The reason may be you are applying for getting a mortgage loan or you need it because you want to amend your return. In such situations, you will be helpless if you do not have copy of your return. There are certain options which you can follow for getting the copy of your return file.

One of the options available for you is to get a written transcript for your return for free. For this, you may call the IRS and follow the message for requesting a written transcript and you will soon receive a free copy of your previously filed tax return. The other alternative is to send Form 4506-T via snail-mail but it is time-consuming process. Please note that the transcript you will receive is not the exact copy of your actual return. It will just show you some line items contained on your return as it as previously filed.

The other option for you is to get the complete photocopy of your income tax return by paying $57. Please remember that if you require getting hold of an exact copy of your return, then you are supposed to spend your money. The nominal cost will be $57 for each tax return you request for. You can request for it using Form 4506 which you will find available at the IRS website.

There are IRS authorized tax companies which can make it easy for you to get Copy of Tax Returns at your convenience. You can visit the site to learn about the issue which can make your task convenient. Here you will get tax return transcript which is nothing but a computerized printout showing most lines from your federal income tax returns. This site will let you have such printout of your return for the current year as well as preceding 3 years. Moreover, you can get hold of tax account transcript which consists of information available on your account for a particular tax period. This transcript consists of a list of transactions for issues like payments, assessments of your taxes, penalties etc.

Would you like to have an easy way to Get Copy of Tax Return online? Visit to learn more about how it is possible to get Copy of Tax Returneasily!

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