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Users have been anticipating for the New Digg launch as the site was having a lot of upgrades recently. The social network has come up with serious improvements both in terms of the design and the functionality. There has been serious overhauling taking place with Digg lately.

The login screen and everything has been powered by Ajax now and the first login will land you to the suggestions page for following different topics and pages. You can either select from the pages and follow them or move to the next step straightaway. The filters let you narrow down your searches to your desired profiles that you will like to follow.

The new interface and features allow you to look for your friends on other networks and gets them connected to you here. The connection of your Facebook, Twitter and Google Accounts within Digg is another of the exciting new feature integrated. The Home Page has undergone serious renovation and it looks far more appealing than it used to appear in the past. You get to have organized recent stories from pages that you are following.

Stories from your friends will be available in the news section and it will be empty if you have no friends at Digg. The Top News page can be seen easily and it will let you know what is hot on the main page of Digg. The profile, following and settings have also undergone serious changes. You can set up your account and profile setting easily from the ribbon fixed at the top. An easy interface lets you have a look at the people that you are following and the people that are following you on the social network. The mutual following, however, is not visible now.

The profile settings have been changed and you get to have a completely new interface to showcase your profile. You can change the profile from the Settings menu and can even add links to the page from external websites.

The best feature perhaps in the New Digg is the Important Feeds where you get to publish new feeds to your profile directly from a blog or any other source releasing feeds. This submits your posts directly to Digg. All you need to do to setup these features is the feed id and the category where you want to place the information and you are set for business. There are a few limitations however but these are certainly not as important.

There are a lot of other settings included in the New Digg that provide you with a better experience compared to the previous versions. These include notifications about everything that occurs with your Digg profile. You can always configure these details in order to choose the announcements you like to see and the ones that you will not be interested in. You can also change the way you view all the Diggs. You can use the settings here to configure your profile completely including connecting your Digg profile with Facebook and MySpace.

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