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Currently, I am a college student majoring in finance and accounting. When I get the chance, I like to get my hands on various financial newspapers and pore over them. While I love quite a few publications, this page will focus on why I favor the Wall Street Journal subscription.

As a student, I have found one of the best places to read publications is the school or city library. All libraries, at a minimum, have major papers like the Wall Street Journal or Investor's Business Daily. In addition, they often carry high-priced financial newsletters like Value Line as well.

Some people want stock analysis information, and that is their primary focus. I think papers like Investor's Business Daily are most appropriate for these people. Utilizing a complex rating system, they have been able to deliver consistently good stock picking information to subscribers.

But what about the people who want not just information about investments, but news coverage as well? Fortunately, for these people there is the Wall Street Journal. Unfortunately, this paper does not come cheap, and that's why I used to read it only at the library. In fact, you can expect to pay $2 an issue if you buy the paper at the newsstand.

Ironically, while newsstand prices are quite high, the cost of a Wall Street Journal subscription is very reasonable. An online subscription starts at just $1.99 a week, and print edition are only $2.29 a week. This means you can get an entire week worth of the paper for the price of a single issue at the newsstand. Subscribers gain access to other benefits as well, such as a mobile reader you can use on your cellphone. Depending on your subscription level, you can view the paper over the Internet as well.

For me personally, the greatest thing is that I can enjoy the paper at home now without having to go to the library. I have long intended to get a subscription to the Wall Street Journal. Given it's affordability, I'm glad I was able to get one while still in school.

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