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Underestimating the cost of poor reputation can drag your business through mud. Today, when someone chooses to join hands with you for some business deal there is a possibility that they will Google about you and your business and if you happen to have some negative publicity by some unhappy customers then it will be nightmare for your company. Therefore Online Reputation Management is something that will help you build a strong image and protect it from getting maligned. There's no liberty from bad reputation however you can avoid them through certain ways.

Watch What Shows Up When You Google Your Name
See what is being said about your business; look at initial 3 pages of search results because any negative content stands a chance to make its way on first page. If it's good that doesn't mean it will stay the same every day. The results on search engines change based on current news, social media, changes in algorithm and other such factors. And in case of negative reviews few pointers below will guide you what to do.

Answer Negative Reviews Tactfully
Don't make a mistake of ignoring negative comments it will make situation more worse. Try to respond them immediately and publicly whether it's on social media or some directory sites. Don't go defensive; try to empathize the situation of client by understanding why they had bad experience. Respond to them as well as other readers that this isn't routine and reassure them.

Get Social
Make smart use of Social Media to get your satisfied and happy clients to leave good reviews in favour of you. This will subdue the effect of bad comments. Being a great platform to engage and interact with people, building loyalty and trust Social media is a great supporter to boost your image.

Blogging on frequent intervals can push down the negative content. Buy a domain which includes your brand name and then start creating your own blogs filled with good information related to your business, products, people and issues you supported. This will strengthen your reputation and generate business.

Search Engine Optimization
Ensure that your websites, social media sites, blogs and other online contents are SEO optimized and are using right keywords, this way your online presence will cultivate. Don't undertake any black hat SEO technique it will only make the situation worst and add to the cost.

Participate on Other Relevant Blogs
Comment on relevant blogs in your industry, this will give self-exposure and highlight your name though on tiny content but will benefit your business.

Monitor what is being said
Setup a monitoring team to hear what is being said about your brand. There are certain tools that give an alert when your name is mentioned on some blogs, social media network or any other page online. Make arrangement for such setup so that you can resolve problems as when they occur.

Today, every client or consumer run online to give feedback about their experience with your business. Unhappy ones are most likely to do that than the happier one's. Thus, it is in your hands to be on the top of your Online Reputation Management by keeping eyes on what is being said about your company. ADG ONLINE SOLUTIONS provides efficient ORM services to maintain respective reputation of its clients by undertaking all the relevant efforts.

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